Why this AR/VR immersive training, offered by this start-up by NIT-W alums, is like no other

Soumyaranjan was born and brought up in Bhubaneswar. Anirban pursued his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and is 25 and Abhinav is 25 too and pursued Civil Engineering. Check out their story  
Training | (Pic: CUSMAT)
Training | (Pic: CUSMAT)

Imagine you've got a job operating a lift but not just any lift. This not-so-sturdy lift goes deep into the mines (as far as one kilometre beneath the surface) and transports miners, materials and ores. Being a novice, your hands would most likely tremble and it would take a long time before you can master the fragile lift's operations. Enter, CUSMAT. This start-up based out of Hyderabad offers high immersion training systems using Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. So before you actually operate the lift, you can put on their glasses, sit in front of their system and practise till you are confident. This is the kind of training that is made possible by this start-up that was set up in 2017 by Abhinav AyanAnirban Jyoti Chakravorty and Soumyaranjan Harichandan.

They already have received funding and are expecting more funds to come their way 

These former students of NIT Warangal met at the institute and were united by the idea of entrepreneurship. First, they wanted to sell construction material like cement, rods and so on online — Abhinav and Soumyaranjan were students of Civil Engineering. "But that doesn't count as innovation and we knew it. Since we were all from a non-technical background, it took us a good one and a half years to just learn various aspects like coding, AR and VR. We combined our newly-gained knowledge with our inclination towards the training and education sector and thus, CUSMAT came to be," explains Soumyaranjan. They started developing a VR simulator for the industrial sector and chose not to enter the B2C (business to customer) market right away, they wanted to foray into the B2B (business to business) market first. Also, the traditional simulators are extremely expensive and industries cannot afford those, the team has managed to make it affordable and not just this, it can even be customised as per the regional language. 

The trio | (Pic: CUSMAT)

In fact, when they were pitching the idea to investors, it was entrepreneur B Prabhakaran, Founder and Managing Director of Thriveni Earthmovers, one of India's largest MDOs (Mine Development Operations), who encouraged them towards the solution they had identified. Now, they have about 25-30 clients including Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), Mumbai, for whom CUSMAT developed a technical ventilator simulator. This helped train doctors and nurses in using the ventilator. Similarly, through their immersive training, they are training employees at DTDC, the courier company, on ways to ensure contactless delivery. "The training industry is a billion dollar one worldwide and in India too there is huge scope. We help companies easily train their employees," says the 26-year-old. For companies, it's as simple as installing software, wearing the VR headset and ensuring that their employees make the most of it. 

Take it beyond training 
- Track competency level of the workforce
- Standardise training process
- Develop a learning track

For more on them, check out cusmat.com

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