These SRM-AP students are powering CCTV cameras with AI to study how productive you are. Check it out 

These students from SRM-AP are changing the way CCTV cameras function by using AI and ML. They have some big clients who use their services and are planning to spread their wings further and wider
The founders | (Pic:
The founders | (Pic:

When we say security cameras in offices, what do you picture? An old relic of a camera in the corner of a room? One of those fancy circular things that perches on the wall? But what if we tell you the camera can check your in-time, analyse if you are working as per guidelines and can also check who else walks into the office. Cool, right? Welcome to the future, the one which is being built by start-ups like with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. And their first stop? The Food and Beverage sector.

Sourav Sanyal, their CEO, has worked in the entertainment industry in Bengaluru. He is familiar with the workings of the F&B sector and his experiences comes handy when it comes to their start-up

Let's start from the beginning. Sourav SanyalSaurabh Ghanekar and Miran Junaidi are three students of SRM University-AP. As a part of its semester abroad programme, Miran was spending one of his semesters last year in the University of California, Berkeley (UCLA). The exposure brought with it a chance to participate in various hackathons, starting with LA Hack, which the 20-year-old managed to win. The idea that made him win was "My friends and I decided that it's too good an idea to not take forward. So since June 2019, we have been working on it as a full-blown product," says Miran. The product is, the end-to-end video intelligence solution. can be easily integrated into pre-existing CCTV cameras and change the way they function completely. "Most of the security cameras are used as a postmortem of an incident. After something goes wrong, we go back and check. But why can't cameras be used for prevention," asks Miran poignantly. Hence, their AI and ML-powered cameras don't just see, they perceive. "Take for example hygiene. Our cameras can consolidate scores depending on whether hygiene practices are being followed by employees. If they are deviating, then our software records it in the log. The more deviations recorded, the lower the hygiene index that our software calculates. Say something as simple as not wearing a mask can also be noted," explains the youngster from Hyderabad. Not just this, the camera can also present a report of how many customers walked in, what was their gender and approximate age as well. "We set up a dashboard for the employers who can see all these reports on it, which is available after they log in on our app too," he says. If the words 'privacy violation' are flashing before your eyes, be assured that no data is stored on their software. Plus, they are in the process of getting various certifications, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), IT and various other security and privacy compliances, for their patented technology.  

Burger King and Ghost Kitchens are two of their many clients

100X.VC, a Mumbai-based Venture Capital company, has given them their first fund of Rs 25 lakh. Now, is looking to raise another round of funds and spread their technology far and wide.  

Number game
23: The number of team members
17: The number of clients they have
1.7 million: The revenue they generated
35: Soon they will shift office to Bengaluru and the number of engineers they will employ

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