With TECHVED's new set of short courses, learning is a TAD bit easier now

Design company TECHVED launches UX/UI related online courses for aspiring individuals at TAD
Neha Modgil is the company's co founder
Neha Modgil is the company's co founder

Techved Academy of Design (TAD), an initiative by TECHVED, a Mumbai-based design company introduces short online courses in cutting-edge technologies. The courses feature immaculate content in User experience (UX), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). With different choices and levels in the courses, it makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals to cultivate their talent.

In a conversation, Neha Modgil, co-founder of the company told us how TAD is exuberant in providing quality training and education to aspiring masses and their wish to cultivate a talent pool of professionals in design and technology. 

Excerpts from the conversation:

What inspired you to start TAD?

We've been conducting a lot of researches to find out about the user needs and we felt that technologies like AI, IOT, Blockchain Technology and User Experience Design are intensifying the digital world. So, we designed a course believing that we can increase the employability in the tech industry. Our research has eased the learning process for the students, where the mentors and students can interact on industry updates. Finally, the process of creating TAD courses has been a great learning experience for us.

Were there any difficulties that you faced while creating TAD?

Our objective was to find industry experts to train our students to increase the employability in the tech industry. It was a very challenging task, but we effectively pulled it off by bringing industry experts and subject matter experts to the board.

Are there any criteria for the students who apply for the course?

There are no such criteria set for the students who enroll. It will be an added benefit for the students from any technical background.

How will the user experience be for the online courses?

TAD courses will be user-friendly. Users can access the class anytime, anywhere. They will get in-depth industry updates along with workshops and webinars. We have successfully created a high-quality user experience in our platform.

Will there be any further changes in the courses provided in the future?

As we are evolving with the current technologies, the industry will consistently evolve as well. Along with the evolving industry, we will further improvise our teaching methods by introducing new ideas into the courses. However, our objective of providing a high-quality experience will remain the same.

What about the placement options in the industry?

Our goal is to increase employability in the Tech Industry. Hence, we will continue to transform our students into a job-ready professional.

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