Great scientific minds like G Madhavan Nair and Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan are coming together to change science education in Kerala

Talentspire brings together academicians and researchers in the science field to alter science curricula in the Kerala education system
Talentspire is a collective of senior academicians in science supported by experts in technology
Talentspire is a collective of senior academicians in science supported by experts in technology

Here’s good news for Science students. There is a superhero group assembling to change up the shape of Science and Technology education in Kerala and they mean business. Named Talentspire, this is a collective of senior academicians in science supported by experts in technology. Currently, the group has over 200 members made up of experts from various fields. And if you are not convinced that they can change up the education scene, take a look at their supporting team which includes former Chairman of ISRO, G Madhavan Nair and scientist Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan.

“The aim is to raise the level of science education in the country,” explains Professor Mathew John,  Professor of Physics from Mar Ivanios College and Chief Coordinator for the programme. “To do this, we started a discussion among the experts involved about how people in Kerala have this misplaced obsession over entrance coaching and private tuitions.”

MIND GAMES: The initiative is driven by a group of professionals who are best described as doyens in their respective fields

And what realisations did these conversations yield? “We realised that what students learn in school becomes secondary. Our point is to perfect the learning process in schools so they don’t have to rely on these secondary modes of education. If they have a conceptual understanding and enjoy learning in school itself, it will change the way scientific development works.”

Anyone who has gone to school in this glory age of Science and Technology can vouch for the pain that comes along with learning it. “Kids have been tortured through this existing system,” says the Mathew John. “They head for tuition early in the morning and are back at it as soon as they step out of their classrooms. We will make sure that children learn on the go and they learn through the same modern technology they learn about. And our aim is to provide this to schools.” 

And how they aim to offer this urgent change of pace is through a number of components. The programme will interactive with a website dedicated to the specific subjects that they offer. It will offer over 1000 instructional videos and 500 video lectures. Special attention will be given to perfect the approach towards STEM education by customising it to student needs and demands. The team behind it is currently working towards gaining STEM certification.

SELF STARTER: The programme ensures that students have enough time for self-learning

“This is something that our students really deserve,” says Dr Jayakumar VS, a Physics Professor and member of Talentspire. He says, “Nowadays, students seem to think that the only two scopes for Science education is Medicine or Engineering. We want students to understand that the doors opened by this subject is much greater than that. Through the video options, we offer in addition to the traditional lessons, we offer students an alternative that will change the way they think about their own future.”

Talentspire wants students to have the time to learn for themselves. Without additional distractions like tuition centres, they hope that the kids will have time to reflect on what they learn on their own time. Mathew says, “There is no double work involved where they will end up with no time for self learning and their level of learning will not be diminished.” 

The change is expected to come from within the curriculum itself. Broader than that, they aim to supplement this education with whatever is necessary for conceptual understanding. The lectures offered are round-the-clock to ensure that students get the attention they deserve when they need it instead of confusing them with a barrage of information that they wont have the time to process. And harking back to the Science students whose attention we hope we have, here are the time and resources you need, now prosper. 

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