Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG)

FMGs launched protest in front of NMC headquarters against new regulations from July 29 notice

Monday, November 28

What did the notice state?

Mandates two years of CMRI for FMGs who passed UG course, qualified exam on or before June 30, 2022

Applicable for: FMGs who passed their UG course and qualifying exam on or before June 30, 2022

What is the Compulsory Rotating Medical Internship (CRMI)?

Year-long mandatory internship for doctors to be eligible to practice medicine in India

Why the extension of the internship?

Pandemic's online course resulted in a lack of clinical practice for FMGs

As per the NMC

Why does the new rule apply only to FMGs?

Indian medical graduates also had part of their course online but are barred from this new regulation

The segregation has triggered the FMGs further