These triplet trailblazers are “engineering” their way to excellence!

Meet Dhanush, Dhanuja, and Dhanushree, who are pursuing their first year of Engineering at Sona College of Technology. Here’s their story!

Dhanushree, Dhanush and Dhanuja make their way to Sona College of Technology in Salem, Tamil Nadu, every day. Bound by blood, these triplets and their talent stands out — talent which Sona College of Technology is nurturing carefully.

While Dhanush has opted for Electrical and Electronics, Dhanushree and Dhanuja are from the Mechanical Engineering department. Dhanushree and Dhanuja are also pursuing a credit course in Japanese taught by an in-house Japanese trainer.

Guess what else! The triplets were born on Engineers Day, September 15! The birthday of Sir M Visvesvaraya, one of the most renowned engineers in India.

Hailing from Chidambaram, when they approached C Valliappa, Chairman, Sona College of Technology for financial help, for a concession for hostel boarding and lodging particularly, he suggested that the family move to Salem for education. Which they did, and now, the rest is history.

B Murugan and K Kamala, the triplets' parents, are happy and content looking at their children thriving.

“Dhanuja and Dhanushree are very attentive in the class and participate in discussions. They made friends with classmates quickly and often help them in their studies. Dhanuja has a natural flair for singing,” Prof B Renuga, Head of Department for the first-year students at Sona College, said.

Dhanuja, the youngest among the triplets, is excited about getting the highest score not only among the siblings but the entire class. “Learning is a celebration at Sona College because the faculty is friendly and I enjoy being a part of the Reader’s Club,” says Dhanushree who loves watching Anime web series with her siblings.