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The A to Z of Branding: Here's all you need to know before embarking on a career

In a constantly changing business environment, staying ahead requires a proactive approach to anticipate emerging trends and integrate them into our clients' branding strategies

Published on 31st August 2023

Students, if you are considering a career in Public Relations (PR), read this

PR is all about handling perceptions. How a brand, company or even a person is seen and perceived by the general public

Published on 29th August 2023

Kerala: APJ Kalam Technological University to provide plagiarism detection tools to students, faculty

This was decided by the varsity's Syndicate that met on Thursday, July 20, in the wake of widespread complaints

Published on 21st July 2023

ChatGPT: Is the AI tool ready to be your academic GPS, navigating you through your research?

"The world is changing as we speak; therefore adapting ourselves to these changes becomes ever more critical if we hope not to fall behind," says a software engineer 

Published on 14th April 2023

ChatGPT's academic content detectable by AI-powered tools, finds study  

ChatGPT has prompted concern about academic honesty and plagiarism in the education sector among professors. 


Published on 24th March 2023

Coach Calling: When it comes to learning, how much is too much usage of ChatGPT?

"Use me as a supplement to learn and not as a REPLACEMENT!" replied the AI tool when asked this question

Published on 21st March 2023

What does Centre's Jaadui Pitara has in store for children? Here's all about the new learning tool

Taking to Twitter, PM Narendra Modi said, “Jaadui Pitara is going to fill a new enthusiasm and colour in the child’s mind"

Published on 22nd February 2023

Students used as tools to oust me, alleges Kerala film institute former director

Shankar Mohan alleged that a group of former staff members, including some security personnel who were dismissed by him, used the students to protest against him

Published on 24th January 2023

IIT Jodhpur, Swiggy tie up to develop facial recognition tool

Swiggy recognised the need for an AI-driven capability that can automatically detect and extract faces from various types of images and selfies

Published on 15th November 2022
IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi researchers make focal epilepsy detection non-invasive, develop patient-friendly diagnostic tool

Their study is titled titled 'Anatomical harmonics basis based brain source localization with application to epilepsy' and is published in Nature's Scientific Reports journal

Published on 5th August 2022

New tool to predict cancer-causing genes in an individual? Here are all the details

The tool is based on a Machine Learning model that classifies genes as tumour suppressors, neutral or oncogenes: Researchers

Published on 7th July 2022

Researchers at IIT Madras develop VR tools to boost maternal and natal health

The tools use Artificial Intelligence and gaming technology in order to provide healthcare workers with adequate knowledge on the health of infants and mothers

Published on 20th April 2022

An e-library with learning resources, tools and a lot more launched by Delhi's east civic body 

The e-library will have student materials which will be in the form of videos, audio files and worksheets too across various subjects like Hindi, English, Math and Social Studies for primary classes 

Published on 26th January 2022

Got a passion to share? Zoho enters EdTech space with TrainerCentral, will help you become a trainer in a jiffy

Setting up an online training business is easier said than done, says Aarthi Elizabeth, the Chief Brand Evangelist at TrainerCentral and explains how the new portal can help

Published on 30th November 2021

Instagram testing new tools to make it easier for creators to find sponsors

The tools are still in the early stages, with only a handful of companies and creators participating for now

Published on 23rd October 2021

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