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Snakebite incidents among students on the rise, what can be done?

The number of students being bitten by snakes in India is concerning for all

Published on 17th July 2023

Telangana: Student left unattended for a night after snake bite at residential school

This shocking incident happened to a student named Mahender from Bahadurgudem village in Pangal mandal who narrowly escaped death

Published on 17th July 2023
The doctor confirmed the snakebite and administered her an anti-venom medication

Venomous snake bites 12-yer-old student in Tamil Nadu school washroom 

A crying Poovika walked out with a snakebite and was taken to the Gudiyatham Government hospital

Published on 11th July 2023

Snake found in West Bengal primary school's midday meal, 20 students fall sick

"All the children were immediately rushed to the Rampurhat Medical College Hospital after they fell ill," the staff said

Published on 12th January 2023

Class IV student bitten by snake; parents allege that school compound is a safe haven for reptiles, not students

The police has said that the victim's health condition is stable. His parents have demanded immediate steps from the school to clean its premises and ensure the safety of the children

Published on 2nd June 2022

Snakes, dilapidated rooms at old campus lead students to protest against IIIT director's order in AP

The director had ordered almost 2,000 girl students to shift to the old campus to make space for another batch of students at the new campus on March 19

Published on 22nd March 2022

Dead snakelet found in breakfast served at school in Karnataka, 56 children fall sick

The incident took place in Vishwaradhya Vidyavardhaka Residential School in Abbetumkur village of Yadgir taluk. The police have taken up the case for investigation

Published on 18th November 2021

Class VI student bitten by snake in TN's govt school, parents blame it on school administration's neglect 

The government school in T Palur, Ariyalur district of Tamil Nadu has no compound walls, except on one side and is surrounded by Seemai Karuvelam trees

Published on 17th November 2021

Rabies expert from Himachal institute, Omesh Bharti, to be included in WHO's expert panel on snakebites

Bharti's need-based research to treat rabid dog bite patients In Himachal Pradesh had brought down the cost of dog bite treatment from Rs 35,000 to Rs 350

Published on 25th February 2021

This 21-year-old from Bengaluru is teaching kids about snakes in rural Karnataka to keep them safe

Herpatologist Spoorthi about the Haavu Mattu Naavu initiative that's creating awareness about snakebites and teaching rural Karnataka how to mitigate this 

Published on 4th October 2020

ECO Talk: This organisation in Bhubaneswar gives their all to rescue as many helpless animals as they can

The co-founders of the group are Amit Das, Kalinga Keshari Jena and Swarup Fullonton. They accumulate funds on their own and have a few dedicated donors as well. Check out their cool story

Published on 30th August 2020

This 24-year-old research scholar from Odisha is discovering new species of snakes and spiders

These are the steps Rakesh Kumar Mohalik follows when he comes across anything new or different, just like he did with the yellow turtle in Balasore recently. We find out more about his work 

Published on 23rd August 2020

COVID-19: A six-year-old girl dies of snakebite at a quarantine centre in Uttarakhand 

The girl was sleeping along with her family on the floor at the quarantine centre for want of beds when the incident occurred in the early hours of Monday

Published on 27th May 2020

This man from Cuttack rescues snakes and feeds stray dogs every day, despite the lockdown. This is his story

Suvendu Swain gets six to seven calls for snake rescues every day and he heeds each and every one of them. He has even started feeding stray dogs in many areas, which is his latest initiative  

Published on 25th April 2020

After 10-yr-old dies of snake bite 80,603 students in Wayanad to be trained in Basic Life Support

Under the Aardra Vidyalayam project, students will be trained in basic first aid and healthcare in case of an emergency situation

Published on 30th November 2019

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