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IIT Madras with Zoriox Labs develops 3D-printed face implants for patients with black fungus

The unique feature of this initiative is that the IIT Madras team can print the implant exactly to match the patient’s face

Published on 26th December 2023

UoH, Dharmavana Nature Ark to enhance research on conservation, sustainability of biodiversity

The MoU aims for research collaboration with DNA on various aspects of research on ecology and biodiversity conservation

Published on 18th November 2023

Afforestation in Kodagu gets boost with Forestry College's initiative 

While 70% of saplings are that of native trees, 30% are crops that have some economic value

Published on 3rd July 2023

Read right: North Delhi's civic body is now transforming 'dhalao' sites into libraries, book banks

At Sector-3 of Rohini Zone, a dumpsite has been converted into an English language coaching centre for poor children

Published on 30th December 2021

UP government sets up 'Arogya Vatikas' in schools, encourages them to grow medicinal plants

The idea was popularised by local journalist Sudhir Mishra who has been running a campaign to create such gardens in parks, police stations, schools and other places

Published on 13th October 2021

IIT Jodhpur researchers use plants to generate electricity from wastewater

This study was conducted under outdoor conditions using natural wastewater from the decentralised wastewater treatment plant of IIT Jodhpur

Published on 22nd September 2021
A beautiful potted plant

Researchers find how plants become good neighbours in times of stress

But in the deep gloom of a dense forest or a cramped crop canopy where resources and photosynthesis are limited, this strategy does not work

Published on 5th July 2021

Environment Day: This tree ambulance in Jaipur is working relentlessly for the past 7 years to save sick plants, trees

The group registered as Arpan Lok Vikas Samiti bears about Rs 2 lakh monthly expense for taking care of trees spread in 10-11 square km area with the help of donors

Published on 5th June 2021

How Shruti Tharayil's workshops will help us find food, medicine in all the 'forgotten' plants that grow around us

Kerala-based Shruti Tharayil knows a lot about wild plants, information which she has pain-stackingly gathered over the years. And now, she is willing to share them with you as well. Here's how

Published on 15th May 2021

Rajasthan Minister appeals to private educational institutions to donate for building oxygen plants

The demand for oxygen to treat COVID-19 patients has increased in the state following a surge in cases

Published on 29th April 2021

IIT Bombay's tech-hack can now help produce Oxygen from Nitrogen plants

The technique involves the conversion of Pressure Swing Absorption Nitrogen Unit to PSA Oxygen Unit and oxygen can be produced at 3.5 atm pressure with a purity level of 93-96 percent

Published on 29th April 2021

Govt to procure 1 lakh portable oxygen concentrators, 500 more PSA oxygen plants from PM Cares Fund

The 500 new PSA oxygen plants sanctioned under PM Cares Fund are in addition to the earlier sanctioned 713 PSA plants under this fund

Published on 28th April 2021

How this 10-year-old is ensuring the seeds in your fruits grow into big, healthy plants

Naren Villuri tells us why he has been collecting seeds, distributing them and planting them for three years now

Published on 24th March 2021

Genomic research of plants sound futuristic to you? Kochi's AgriGenome Labs is doing it right now!

AgriGenome Labs has been working on groundbreaking research in the field of genomics. Here's how they hope it will change agriculture and the lives of those involved in the industry

Published on 17th March 2021
A beautiful potted plant

Plants at home can improve psychological well-being of inhabitants, says study

For the study, the researchers, including Katia Perini from the University of Genoa in Italy, evaluated the role played by the plants at home during the first COVID-19 lockdown

Published on 22nd January 2021

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