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Students of SB College in Cuttack are very worried about their academic future

Syllabus goof-up may lead to loss of one year for students of this Cuttack College 

The college's proposal of changing MA in Home Science to MSc in Home Science in the middle of the academic year was declined

Published on 25th May 2023

IIT Gandhinagar finds North India to be a hotspot for groundwater depletion with 95% of country's loss

The study attributed the recent increase in groundwater storage in South India to a rise in rainfall during the monsoon season

Published on 6th April 2023

Herd of jumbos attack gov't school in Kerala; estimated loss stands at Rs 3 lakh

The herd damaged the doors and windows of the building and destroyed the doors of the toilet complex. The water tank and pipeline have also been destroyed

Published on 29th March 2023

Coach Calling: Managing to be strong amidst loss of lives can be tough, but is crucial

The best thing to do is to focus on your feelings and deal with them rather than stressing to find out why

Published on 4th March 2023

Odisha gov't to shorten school summer vacation to 11 days to recover education loss

A Learning Recovery Plan (LRP) has been envisaged by the Odisha School Education Programme Authority, which has cut the summer vacations short

Published on 16th April 2022

EdTech major BYJU's plans to get rid of coding platform WhiteHat Jr to cut costs

The coding platform was acquired at a cost of $300 million in July 2020. But it has been making losses since

Published on 23rd February 2023

Study finds 85 per cent university students suffered learning loss during the pandemic: Read to learn what that means

The survey tracked the impact of the pandemic on India's education system, marked the digital divide as one of the reasons, and measured that it might take three years to make up for lost ground

Published on 14th July 2021

#WhatTheFAQ: India-made eye drops leading to vision loss, infection in US? Is this the first of such mishaps?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned against using an eye drop made in India. What is the problem?

Published on 4th February 2023

Engineering student dies by suicide after facing loss in online trading

In his suicide note, the student stated that he has not utilised the money that was received from his father and invested in online trading and incurred losses

Published on 14th January 2023

Heartbreaking loss: Junior resident doctor at Ram Manohar Lohia Institute dies by suicide; investigation underway

The student, identified as Amit Nayak, was found dead in his room in Sector 14 of the Indiranagar area of Lucknow; his fellow doctor colleagues broke open the door after receiving no response from him

Published on 13th January 2023

#ThrowBackToday: Commonwealth Games 2010, a colossal disaster for India

In today's #TBT, we recall a rather embarrassing series of events for India that transpired during the Commonwealth Games held in India and how heads began to roll due to the corruption scandal

Published on 26th April 2021

Learning loss due to full, partial school closures is "nearly insurmountable", says UNICEF's Chief of Education

Developed countries aren't spared either. Even in countries like the USA, the UK and Australia, learning losses in children have been observed

Published on 25th January 2022
Jadavpur University Kolkata

Jadavpur University profs urge Education Minister to vaccinate and reopen campus to avoid "academic and financial loss"

While some of the equipment lay unused, some of the electronic equipment has to be kept running 24x7 and incur a huge running cost

Published on 6th September 2021

Dasara vacation cut short for schools in Telangana to compensate for learning loss? 

It has been proposed that the vacation for Dasara be given from October 1 to October 9, 2022 (nine days) instead of the earlier plan of 14 days 

Published on 21st September 2022

Will face loss of identity if name of AIIMS Delhi is changed: Faculty writes to Union Health Minister 

The government had earlier formed a proposal to give specific names to all the AIIMS, including the one in Delhi, based on regional heroes, freedom fighters, historical events or monuments of the area

Published on 16th September 2022

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