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Bihar gov't withdraws order on curtailing holidays for school teachers  

The government’s decision to cut the number of holidays for government school teachers from 23 to 11 had met with severe backlash, even from BJP


Published on 5th September 2023

The filmmaker, the boy and the 'wardrobe': Why this student film about self-image is being devoured at int'l film festivals

Called Kapaat, this short film by 20-year-old Janvi Madabusi is her debut piece. The many layers the movie wraps you in will astound you. 

Published on 30th December 2021
World Music Day

World Music Day: 10 things your favourite music legend said that will make your day

A R Rahman or AC/DC? They've all said something awesome outside of their songs. Check them out right here, right now

Published on 21st June 2018

Best of 2017: Monica Wahi has been curating movies for children at prestigious international film festivals and now, she tells us which movies are a must-watch for them 

Monica Wahi schools us about children's movies and tells us why movies like Village Rockstar are gems that need to be watched 



Published on 9th November 2017

Through a series of film festivals, Chillar Party cinematographer is set to bring better change in the lives of children 

Cinematographer, filmmaker and producer Amitabha Singh is crowdfunding to organise a series of film festivals for children

Published on 7th April 2017

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