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Telangana Ekalavya school protest: Principal removed; probe ordered after videos go viral

Minister for Tribal and Women Welfare ordered a probe and directed district officials concerned to redress the grievance of hostel students

Published on 10th January 2023

Telangana: Earthworm-laced food, alcoholic school staff outrage students, protests held

The students claimed to have found earthworms in their food and were told to simply remove them and eat the rest

Published on 9th January 2023

#WhatTheFAQ: After 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Vanuatu will there be a Tsunami?

Vanuatu is ranked as one of the countries which is most susceptible to natural disasters like earthquakes, storm damage, flooding and tsunamis, according to the annual World Risk Report 

Published on 9th January 2023

IIT Mandi researches develop system to mitigate damages due to earthquakes

The researchers have devised a method to screen reinforced concrete (RC) buildings in the Indian Himalayan region so that repair work may be prioritised according to the condition of the buildings

Published on 25th November 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: NASA's DART mission hits an asteroid, as planned! Now, what next?

This was NASA's first attempt to use a DART to hit an asteroid to change the course of its orbit. Did it work?

Published on 27th September 2022

International Earth Science Olympiad 2022: Team India wins four gold, four silver and six bronze medals

This programme was funded by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi and organised by the Geological Society of India, Bengaluru as an outreach programme for school students

Published on 3rd September 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Two-timing or a harmless side-hustle? What on Earth is moonlighting?

Swiggy has announced an open moonlighting policy for all its employees, raising quite a few eyebrows and a good bit of curiosity over what it is all about. We take a look

Published on 25th August 2022

CUSAT students put up makeshift hearth, cook rice to protest lack of hostel mess

"If a solution is not arrived at in Friday's meeting, we will resort to agitation," said a student

Published on 18th August 2022

IIT Delhi researchers develop low-cost buckling braces to improve earthquake resistance

According to IIT-D officials, the braces boast several advantages, such as all-steel components, on-site fabrication and assembling process, post-earthquake inspection and easy replacement

Published on 14th June 2022

Employees of WBSSC have silently helped to unearth the alleged irregularities in the recruitment scam: CBI

The ongoing probe has pointed out that the screening committee appointed by the previous state Education Minister and Trinamool Congress Secretary General was illegal

Published on 4th June 2022

YouCAN's Earth Educator Fellowship is your chance to ignite love for nature in yourself and others

The last date to apply is today, May 22, and the fellowship commences on June 5, 2022 and ends on April 24, 2023. So, are you ready to take on the challenge? 

Published on 22nd May 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: What is the latest geomagnetic solar storm and how will it impact us on Earth?

The Sun is currently at the start of a new 11-year solar cycle, which means that solar spots, eruptions and flares will grow more intense and extreme

Published on 14th April 2022

What happened on April 4: When we lost the man who had a dream and let's recollect the Kangra earthquake 

A lot has happened on April 4 over the years, including the birth of Microsoft. Let's look at a few other notable events from the day in today's #ThrowbackToday  


Published on 4th April 2022

What The FAQ: What does the probe panel's report say about the failure of ISRO’s Earth observation satellite?

In August last year, the mission to launch Earth Observation Satellite EOS-03 was aborted mid-flight. Here's what the Failure Analysis Committee (FAC) investigation into the failure says

Published on 26th March 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: So, is the asteroid twice the size of Burj Khalifa that's going to fly by Earth today dangerous?

NASA has been keeping track of the orbit of this particular asteroid for a long time now and these are the conclusions it has arrived at

Published on 18th January 2022

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