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E-Canteen Fundas: Being vulnerable is the highest form of being yourself and can make you a better leader 

To make genuine, wholehearted connections with others, be seen as you are. To be seen as you are, have the courage to accept your imperfections

Published on 24th February 2022

E-Canteen Fundas: Want to really connect with your team as a leader? Try the '3 As' formula

To make great and instant connections with people and to maintain good energy in the environment, practice the 3As — ‘Acknowledge’, ‘Appreciate’ and ‘Ask for help’ with people

Published on 9th February 2022

Gettin’ low on downtime: Can virtual connections help you heal?

The Coach speaks about loneliness and depression during social isolation and whether virtual connections can be a cure

Published on 9th May 2020

Gossip creates social connections, allowing learning about world indirectly, finds study

In some conditions, information was restricted so that participants could only observe the behaviour of a few other players in their group

Published on 27th April 2021

JNU students start fund-raising initiative to help MA students continue online classes, get internet connections

The JNUSU started this initiative as a stop-gap solution to avail basic infrastructural help like WiFi, data packs until a more permanent solution is found by the administration

Published on 21st April 2021

The art of true connections: How to build long lasting friendships

Why do we need to be kinder to strangers and people we don’t know well enough? The Coach explains how it can help build lasting friendships

Published on 12th December 2020

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