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Study suggests 'good cholesterol' high-density lipoprotein might protect liver

HDL is mostly known for mopping up cholesterol in the body and delivering it to the liver for disposal

Published on 23rd July 2021

Study finds that common medication for cholesterol may lessen COVID-19 severity

Statins are commonly used to reduce blood cholesterol levels by blocking liver enzymes responsible for making cholesterol

Published on 16th July 2021

Study claims heart disease in the elderly may be prevented by anti-inflammatory therapies

Although great strides have been made in reducing atherosclerotic heart disease with therapies such as statins that reduce cholesterol, many people still have increased disease despite treatment

Published on 20th March 2021

One out of four Bengaluru students are over-weight, finds study

There is an increasing trend of the risk of lifestyle diseases, due to reduced physical activity, which can raise problems like high sugar, strokes, high cholesterol

Published on 27th February 2018

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