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Gender Cells, Internal Complaint Committees, Student Welfare Depts: Who is accountable for women's safety in college hostels?

With recent incidents on college campuses sparking debate on the measures taken by administrations to protect the students, it also seems to be a good time to reflect on preventive measures

Published on 30th September 2022

New tool to predict cancer-causing genes in an individual? Here are all the details

The tool is based on a Machine Learning model that classifies genes as tumour suppressors, neutral or oncogenes: Researchers

Published on 7th July 2022

West Bengal's Visva-Bharati gets a B+ in NAAC assessment: Teachers blame VC for low grade

The NAAC team was allegedly dissatisfied with the VC's report and said that neither were reports submitted properly nor were the previous NAAC visit's suggestions implemented

Published on 1st December 2021

IIT Guwahati gets a foot in the door towards a carbon-free hydrogen economy. This is how

The team of researchers has developed a cost-effective alternative to the PEC cells that split water molecules to harness hydrogen

Published on 25th October 2021

AI helps identify drugs that can kill SARS-CoV-2 in cells 

The team validated the candidate compounds in several types of cells, including stem-cell derived human lung cells in an effort to mimic SARS-CoV2 infection of the respiratory tract

Published on 20th August 2021

Study finds that immune cells can be stimulated to boost effect of chemotherapy 

The team believes that a more detailed understanding of TLS formation may aid in the development of personalised therapies that can help body's own immune system fight cancer

Published on 10th July 2021

Study finds that immune cells can be trained to fight infections more aggressively

Researchers identified a key molecular mechanism within the infection-fighting cells of the innate immune system, that determine whether and how well the cells can be trained

Published on 28th June 2021

COVID-19 virus was 'highly adapted' to infect human cells, reveals a new study

A thorough scientific, evidence-based investigation is needed to determine which of these explanations is correct, they said

Published on 25th June 2021
COVID Testing

Peer review-pending study suggests COVID survivors may lose grey matter and other brain tissue over time

The damage was seen in brain areas that involved smell, taste, cognitive function and memory formation said researchers who studied pre- and post-COVID brain image tests 

Published on 23rd June 2021

Researchers find a new map revealing genes that control skeleton's 'master regulator' cells

Osteocytes are the most abundant cell type in bone but have proved difficult to study because they are embedded within the hard mineral structure of the skeleton

Published on 5th May 2021

This IIT-M alum's device can grow your cells to make quicker diagnoses outside the body

Ikram said that the device can be of utmost importance to cancer patients and completely change the way we look at pathology tests

Published on 3rd May 2021

Study focuses on engineering T cells to attack cancer broadly

Engineering T cells to produce MDA-7/IL-24 allows the killing of cancer cells regardless of their expression of target molecules

Published on 1st May 2021

Study suggests that cancer cells may evade chemotherapy by going dormant

The investigators reported that this biologic process could help explain why cancers so often recur after treatment

Published on 13th March 2021

Study finds that energy deficiency in brain cells may up Parkinson's risk

According to the team, Parkinson's disease is caused by the loss of dopaminergic cells in substantia nigra pars compacta, a key component of the ventral midbrain

Published on 10th March 2021

IIT Madras researchers find energy deficiency in some brain cells to be a major cause for Parkinson’s Disease

Moving forward in the next five years, this type of framework will help in providing personalized medicine for PD patients rather than the currently employed trial and error approach

Published on 10th March 2021

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