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#WhatTheFAQ: Why are cab aggregators falling out of favour with Indian gov't and the public?

Why did the government meet with cab aggregators? What are the issues one faces while travelling in a cab? All these and a lot more, let's decode them with What The FAQ

Published on 11th May 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Indian rupee hit all-time low against the US dollar yet again. But why?

What is happening to the Indian rupee and why is it hitting new lows against the dollar? We try to decode this in today's edition of What The FAQ

Published on 9th May 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: All about Shigella, the bacterium that caused the death of 16-year-old Kerala girl

We reveal the symptoms, precautions and cure of the bacteria which causes severe diarrhoea in its patients plus how death is possible in severe cases

Published on 6th May 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Tracing the use of sedition law against Gandhi and now, former student leader Umar Khalid et al

We trace the checkered past of the law, its origin, its adoption in the Constitution of India, the famous cases that made headlines, criticisms towards it and the status quo

Published on 5th May 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: What transpired between Elon Musk and Twitter? Will a takeover be possible?

Elon Musk has been attracting attention for his role as a major shareholder of the microblogging site but where does he go next?

Published on 16th April 2022

What the FAQ: STRIKE! Why have workers called for Bharat Bandh?

What's the two-day Bharat Bandh all about? All your questions answered in today's edition of What The FAQ

Published on 28th March 2022

What The FAQ: Who are the G-23 and what do they want from the Congress party?

After a pounding in the recently concluded Assembly elections, the Indian National Congress seems to be in a bit of a disarray. And at the centre of this call for an overhaul is the G-23

Published on 19th March 2022

What The FAQ: What is National Vaccination Day and why is it observed?

March 16 is observed as National Vaccination Day or National Immunisation Day every year to mark the anniversary of the first-ever oral polio vaccine that was administered 

Published on 16th March 2022

What the FAQ: What is the geography of the ban on clothing worn by women on their heads?

As the hijab row reaches its climax in Karnataka, we examine how and which forms of headgears have been received around the world

Published on 15th March 2022

What The FAQ: How well will Indian Railway's Kavach protest us from train accidents?

This tech has been in development since 2012 and was called the Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) at the time. It has been renamed Kavach, which means armour

Published on 5th March 2022

What The FAQ: Why is the Indian Railways letting brands add their names to station names for a price?

Even though government subsidiaries and business houses will be allowed to add their brand name or logo to the station name, it will only be restricted to the display

Published on 3rd March 2022

What The FAQ: Charaka Shapath vs Hippocratic Oath — Which one is apt for Indian medical students?

The Charaka Shapath is a portion of the text (paragraphs 13–14 in Chapter 8 of the Vimanasthana (the third Sthana)) of the Charaka Samhita, a Sanskrit scripture on Ayurveda

Published on 23rd February 2022

What The FAQ: What did Putin say in his fiery speech and how does it affect the Ukraine situation? 

Calling it a decision that has been long-pending, Putin said that the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic should be declared independent regions

Published on 22nd February 2022

What the FAQ: Why is the US Embassy staff being moved from Ukraine?

The fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine has put the US State Department into action on foreign territories in the east of Europe

Published on 15th February 2022

What the FAQ: Sensex, NIFTY tank — what went wrong with the stock market?

The stock markets, in the US as well as locally here, are facing the brunt of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis

Published on 14th February 2022

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