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What The FAQ: How and why was an independent probe into the Pegasus case ordered by the Supreme Court?

Here's what the Supreme Court has ordered in the latest development with regards to the Pegasus case which brought into question the right to privacy and other sensitive topics

Published on 28th October 2021

Pegasus: SC forms a committee of academicians to determine whether Central government spied on citizens

The SC Bench headed by the CJI himself is reported to have said that "no seriousness has been accorded" by the Union government in the matter where entire citizenry may be affected

Published on 27th October 2021

Your personal data on your smartphone might be at risk via this huge stalkerware leak

Stalkerware apps are generally disguised under a fake app name with suspicious access to messages, call logs, location and other personal activity

Published on 20th October 2021

Youth Congress protest in Delhi over alleged use of Pegasus spyware by govt

The protest comes a day after The Wire on Sunday reported that several prominent political leaders and journalists were found in the snooping database.

Published on 19th July 2021

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