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WHAT THE FAQ: What is it a big deal that the Sensex hits 60,000? 

When Sensex breached the 60,000 mark, we wondered how it is calculated. In today's FAQ, we try and find out what the Sensex and Nifty are all about and how does it impact our market 

Published on 25th September 2021

67-year-old Gujarat woman fulfills dream of earning PhD

Usha came across a graduation course on Jainism in Maharashtra-based Shatrunjay Academy and couldn't let the opportunity pass

Published on 25th June 2021

India's Oldest Old Age Homes: How a 236-year old free 'kanji' centre became a shelter for aged destitutes 

The home was set up in 1782 by Monegar and Rajah of Venkatagiri and has since then housed some of Chennai's oldest and poorest

Published on 7th August 2018

India's Oldest Old Age Homes: How Sevashram in Telangana is an abode for distressed souls left behind by their families

In the Medak district of Telangana, there is a safe haven for all those old souls who otherwise have been abandoned by their own

Published on 7th August 2018

India's Oldest Old Age Homes: How Navanir has been helping elderly women in Bengal

Navanir was set up by Gandhian Renuka Ray and was West Bengal's first old age home for women on the Eastern seafront. Read all about it here

Published on 7th August 2018

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