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What The FAQ: What can we expect in the COVID-19 third wave? Who are most at risk?

When COVID first came to India, only the elderly or senior citizens were alerted along with people with severe respiratory trouble and comorbidities. A lot has changed since then

Published on 11th May 2021

Face masks may become seasonal after COVID pandemic: Dr Anthony Fauci

Wearing face masks may become seasonal when respiratory illnesses are more prevalent, says US top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci

Published on 10th May 2021

What the FAQ: What is proning and why is the Health Ministry recommending it for COVID patients?

As the country is faced wit a deadlier wave of the Coronavirus, the Health Ministry has been encouraging the proning technique to relieve respiratory issues

Published on 23rd April 2021

Wearing face mask during rigorous exercise safe for healthy people, finds study

For the study, published in the European Respiratory Journal, the researchers carried out detailed testing on breathing, heart activity and exercise performance in a small group 

Published on 8th March 2021

Study proposes low cost, high efficiency anti-bacterial masks

A team of scientists have put together various techniques for decontamination and reuse of respiratory masks based on experimental data and guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control

Published on 2nd March 2021

Researchers find that managing aerosol lining could reduce COVID-19 spread

The studies of exhaled aerosol suggest that a critical factor in these and other transmission events is the propensity of certain individuals to exhale large numbers of small respiratory droplets

Published on 10th February 2021

Infectiousness peaks early in COVID-19 patients, finds Lancet study

Of the eleven studies that attempted to isolate the live virus, all eight studies included that used respiratory samples successfully managed to culture viable virus within the first week of illness

Published on 20th November 2020

Hong Kong suspends classes lower primary schools after new COVID cases emerge in the city 

The suspension comes just over a week after kindergartens were ordered to close following an outbreak of upper respiratory tract infections

Published on 20th November 2020

This respirator with algae-filters developed by LPU students will filter air, could keep COVID at bay 

Oxigeno is an algae-based respirator developed by three BTech students and their professor. It can be used against COVID too!

Published on 19th June 2020

Cotton, natural silk, chiffon make best materials for homemade masks against COVID-19: Study

In the study, published in the journal ACS Nano, the scientists assessed the ability of common fabrics, alone or in combination, to filter out aerosols similar in size to respiratory droplets

Published on 25th April 2020

Coronavirus may be aided by body's own immune response to enterring more cells: Study 

The study found that only a tiny percentage of human respiratory and intestinal cells make the proteins that help the virus gain entry into human cells

Published on 22nd April 2020

This IIT Roorkee alumnus is developing a helmet-based respirator that can curb COVID-19 infection risk. Here's how

Shellios, founded by IIT Roorkee Alumnus Amit Pathak, is developing a Powered Air Purifying Respirator which can be used by health workers, doctors to counter infection in the hospital premises

Published on 16th April 2020

This Yogi can stop Corona: Vizag inventor's mask with silicone seal lock will stick to you like no other 

The mask is the brainchild of the expert from Vishakhapatnam, Ramaseshu Botu, who has designed and patented over 12 unique respirators, masks and air purifiers, Yogi is the most ultimate mask ever

Published on 2nd April 2020

Coronavirus outbreak: US varsities suspend regular classes, switch to online teaching amid disease scare

For most people, the infectious respiratory disease causes only mild or moderate symptoms such as fever and cough and the infected recover within weeks

Published on 11th March 2020

RIP Shadakshari Settar: Do you know how Karnataka's most famous historian switched from Literature to Archaeology?

Prof S Settar died on Friday morning at a private hospital in Bengaluru where he was undergoing treatment for respiratory problems

Published on 28th February 2020

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