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By 2038, Bengaluru will get warmer if green spaces continue to reduce: IISc study 

The analysis revealed a possible increase in built-up area to 1536.08 sq km, decrease in green cover by 14.32 sq km by 2038, and the disappearance of water bodies

Published on 2nd December 2023

IIT Mandi researchers find cost-effective technology for metal 3D printing

One research scholar said that the research is particularly noteworthy for aerospace applications due to its lightweight nature

Published on 24th November 2023

IIIT Bangalore Researchers use psychology to build more ‘human-like bots’

The work on the possible game-changer tech was started in 2021 and the pipeline was trained on human-to-human interaction and human-robot interaction, in total 36 sessions

Published on 24th November 2023

First edition of HIVE Conclave organised by IIT Mandi iHub and HCI Foundation

Dr Akhilesh Gupta, Sr Advisor, DST and Secretary of Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB),  graced the occasion as Chief Guest

Published on 18th November 2023

IIT Madras researchers develop 'OptRoute' mobile app for inter-city goods transport

‘OptRoute’ is already deployed in 21 cities across India ranging from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kolkata and Indore besides Chennai and Coimbatore

Published on 13th November 2023

IIT Roorkee's researchers pave the way for healthier and more efficient milk processing

"Our study has developed a one-step process which operates efficiently at lower pressure and successfully preserves the structure of separated fat globules," says first author Ayushi Kapoor

Published on 10th November 2023

Auroral activity in Ladakh spotted by Indian Institute of Astrophysics researchers

An aurora is a glorious curtain of light that is usually seen at high latitudes like the Scandinavian countries, and they are not expected to occur at lower latitudes

Published on 9th November 2023

IIT Madras, Tel Aviv University researchers develop unique aerogel to purify wastewater!

According to the institute, this offers a sustainable path for large-scale water purification

Published on 30th October 2023

This biomedical adhesive developed by IISER Bhopal researchers can repair injured tissues 

The adhesive formulations developed by IISER team will find use in cosmetics and biological applications. The researchers are working to optimise them for real-life applicationsTH

Published on 26th October 2023

IIT Madras researchers Develop Intelligence Platform on Government Funding Schemes for Start-ups

The platform also gives the contact details and the social media links of the respective schemes

Published on 26th October 2023

IIT Kanpur researchers discover molecular mechanism of complement receptor activation

This study has important implications for novel drug discovery in several human disease conditions, according to IIT Kanpur

Published on 19th October 2023

Portable Glycemic Index sensor for fast food developed by IIT Guwahati researchers

As the trend of fast food increases among the world's working population, the need for a portable device arises

Published on 19th October 2023

Kerala-based researcher receives Rs 43.33 lakh grant to study mangrove populations

The project will be utilised for studying the molecular taxonomy and population genetic structuring of Rhizophoraceae

Published on 19th October 2023
BHU Protest

International Day for Eradication of Poverty: BHU researchers demand hike in non-NET fellowship

The researchers staged a protest march from BHU main campus to the central office starting at 2 pm on Tuesday, October 17

Published on 17th October 2023

Chola, Vijayanagara period coins discovered by TN researcher, students 

"The Vijayanagara period coin features the name Srineelakanda in Devanagiri on one side, while the other side depicts oxen and a crescent," the researcher said  

Published on 10th October 2023

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