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UN representative praises Kerala medical students' viral Rasputin dance video

The video was overwhelmingly praised and criticism was drowned by support for the dancing future doctors

Published on 22nd October 2021
Janaki Omkumar

Medico Janaki Omkumar who went viral for Rasputin video: 10 million watched the video, controversy only came from one or two

After going viral for a video of herself and another student dancing to Boney M's Rasputin, Janaki Omkumar knows exactly what feedback to pay attention to

Published on 12th April 2021

What the FAQ: Who is Rasputin and why is everyone dancing to a song on him?

Here we tell you more about the legendary song and the man about whom the song was written. Also, why everyone is dancing to it right now

Published on 14th April 2021

Kerala medicos of viral Rasputin dance video caught in communal remarks. SFI starts dance competition to protest

The students, Janaki M Omkumar and Naveen Razak were showered with compliments for their dance, until two days ago, a certain lawyer from Kerala subtly pointed out a communal angle in the video

Published on 9th April 2021

Why Kerala medicos released another Rasputin dance video after communal comments

All of them wore their scrubs and masks, while Naveen and Janaki made an appearance for seconds in the end

Published on 10th April 2021

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