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Researchers find that the brain can anticipate future when listening to music

Past ideas on how the human brain processes music suggested that musical phrases are perceived by looking backward rather than forward

Published on 20th August 2021

English Blues: The Misnomer connundrum and how to combat it

Some words and phrases put our heads in a spin, indicating something, and meaning something else altogether

Published on 6th August 2021

#ThrowbackToday: How and when the phrase #AtmanirbharBharat started to trend

In today's #TBT, we take you through the journey of the phrase #AtmanirbharBharat and how it almost became a chant. But the pandemic has brought us down to our knees and made us depdent, hasn't it?

Published on 12th May 2021

#ThrowbackToday: Is the Fourth with you this May 4? How was Margaret Thatcher involved?

The first reference of the phrase being used was on May 4, 1979, the day Margaret Thatcher took the oath as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Published on 4th May 2021

English Blues: Are we turkeys voting for Christmas this Assembly Election season? 

What does the phrase ‘round the corner’ mean? If something is going to happen very soon or in the near future, we say it is round the corner or ‘around the corner’

Published on 21st March 2021

This Hyderabad photographer is just back from shooting the farmers' protests in Delhi. This is what he found

The real India resides in its villages. If we could get a rupee for every time we hear this, pandemic-induced salary cuts wouldn't hurt so bad. Jokes aside, we have lent our ears to this phrase enough

Published on 30th December 2020
Teaching English

Asking for and giving directions: The best way to check one's English speaking skills

Google Maps gives voice directions and learners of English can use the voice guidance feature to become familiar with the phrases/expressions used for giving directions

Published on 5th December 2020

Let's bid goodbye to old, overused terms: Common cliches you can avoid in the English language

Have the habit of using high-sounding phrases and old-fashioned words in formal letters and emails? Don't think that you can impress the reader by using them and overusing the word, 'please'

Published on 4th October 2020

Filthy rich or stinking rich: What do these phrases and others like 'to come of the blue' mean?

Albert P' Rayan responds to the questions that various readers posed. He talks about the usage of phrases like 'filthy rich', 'to come out of the blue' and many more  

Published on 22nd August 2020

Now Google Lens can copy handwritten notes from phone to PC. Here's how

One can also use Lens to practice words or phrases that are difficult to say. A user needs to just select the text with Lens and tap the new Listen button to hear it read out loud

Published on 8th May 2020

COVID-19: Here's how you can help friends who are stressed out during these uncertain times

The findings, published in a virtual special issue of the Journal of Communication, suggests that your comforting words can have different effects based on how you phrase them

Published on 27th March 2020

Here’s how you can avoid common usage errors while writing

Some phrases are always followed by a gerund (a verb ending in –ing and functions as a noun), for example ‘Each of us is committed to serving customers’

Published on 16th November 2019

English Blues: Here's how 'Howdy' originated

What is the meaning of the phrase ‘How do you do’? Did you know that it used to be a greeting and not a question?

Published on 5th October 2019
Teaching English

English Blues: Let's talk about a few confusing idioms and phrases

Here's decoding a few idioms and phrases and how one shouldn't always go with a phrase's literal meaning 

Published on 21st September 2019

Here's why people use Euphemisms instead of using certain words like 'pregnant' when they are uncomfortable

As many people are not comfortable using the word ‘pregnant’, they use the phrase as a euphemism

Published on 7th September 2019

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