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Why Maavni's stunning Odia-style hand-painted home decor is what every home needs

"Luckily for us, word of mouth of our good work has attracted artists to join us and now, we are a strong team focused on portraying Odisha art and craft in the most creative way," says Smaranika

Published on 21st August 2019

Pattachitra comes as naturally as breathing to this artist from Bhubaneswar 

Smrutiranjan Ojha, a practitioner of the delicate and detailed ancient art of Pattachitra, talks about his love for it. He continues to pursue it with his all

Published on 2nd August 2019
Artist Bijayananda Biswal

This ticket inspector's paintings and sketches are all about Odisha's rich heritage

After making paintings of trains and folk of Odisha, Biswaal is now sketching and the sketches he shares through his social media profiles have gone viral and how

Published on 8th May 2019

How Sibanand Bhol's Collective Art is keeping Odisha's artisans from extinction

Artisans in Odisha have a safe haven in Collective Craft which engages them with contemporary projects and treats them with the dignity they deserve

Published on 17th August 2018

How a few good people are stopping Odisha's at-risk children from sinking into a life of crime and darkness

A few dedicated academics and social workers in Bhubaneswar are changing the lives of drug addicts and victimised children using education and literacy as tools of change

Published on 15th July 2018

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