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IIT Guwahati gets a foot in the door towards a carbon-free hydrogen economy. This is how

The team of researchers has developed a cost-effective alternative to the PEC cells that split water molecules to harness hydrogen

Published on 25th October 2021

Meet 28-year-old Soumitra Mandal, Bengal's Oxygen Man, who dons more than one cape at a time

Soumitra Mandal is a teacher providing free tuition and arranging scholarships for poor students, but more recently he's being hailed as the Oxygen Man

Published on 9th September 2021

Completely false to say no one died due to oxygen shortage: Delhi Health Minister 

The central government on Tuesday informed the Rajya Sabha that no deaths due to lack of oxygen were specifically reported by states and UTs during the second COVID-19 wave

Published on 21st July 2021

An oxygen concentrator made with water purifiers. Meet the Hyd students who made it happen

Students of Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad worked for three long months to make this much-needed oxygen concentrator a solid reality. Check out what makes it so unique 

Published on 21st July 2021

Modi to chair meeting to review the availability of oxygen across country

Modi has been holding a number of meetings in this regard amid apprehensions of a third wave of the pandemic

Published on 9th July 2021

IIT Kanpur report finds that 10 of 52 hospitals in Uttar Pradesh had wasted oxygen

The team collected information on the different kinds of instruments the hospitals used for supply of oxygen, amount of oxygen used and the number of patients using the oxygen

Published on 23rd June 2021

This student from Bengaluru started a student network to feed, fundraise and save lives during the pandemic

In our Daily Positivity series, we speak to Anvi Mittal about her organisation Ration Square that is working towards feeding the hungry and treating COVID-19 patients during this pandemic

Published on 18th June 2021

Developed by two brothers from MP, this device will help conserve up to 60% oxygen in every cylinder

Rupesh and Gunendra Mahore have come up with Oxyserve, a device aimed at conservation of the resource that is the need of the hour — oxygen. Here's all about the working of this new device 

Published on 11th June 2021

Vayokshema Call Centre in Thrissur comes to the aid of an elderly couple whose oxygen supply was cut

Volunteers at a call centre for the elderly in Thrissur were able to come to the rescue of an elderly couple who were running out of oxygen supply when their electricity supply came to a halt

Published on 9th June 2021

Kerala student writes heartfelt letter to SC thanking them for saving lives amid COVID, CJI responds

Along with a response to her letter, the Chief Justice also sent her a signed copy of the Constitution

Published on 9th June 2021

How these ISB alums' initiative crowdfunded 42 oxygen concentrators for Bengaluru amid COVID

Oxygen4Blr supplies oxygen concentrators to COVID patients in need. When they recover, the concentrator is given to some other patient

Published on 8th June 2021

IIT Madras alumni raise $2 mn for COVID relief, donate 200 O2 concentrators to Chennai Corporation

The institute has deployed the funds to buy oxygen concentrators, BiPAP machines for Tamil Nadu and Telangana

Published on 7th June 2021

In the last 30 days, this 33-year-old IAS officer has set up a plasma portal, oxygen delivery and vaccination facility

United by Blood not only helps plasma recipients but also gets oxygen delivered on time and has now started drive through vaccination facilities

Published on 27th May 2021

With love from Taiwan: SRM Hospital receives 10 oxygen concentrators from National Tsing Hua University 

SRMIST has around 20 academic partnerships with Taiwan, leading to student and faculty mobility, and research collaboration

Published on 25th May 2021

This 26-year-old migrant labourer's son in Ahmedabad has converted 10 autos into O2 ambulances, runs a helpline

Naresh Sijapati migrated from Nepal a long time ago and now, has dedicated his life to serving his community very sincerely. This is the latest way in which he is doing so, without taking a rupee

Published on 25th May 2021

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