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Here's how this 10-year-old's origami bookmarks will help build a village school library

Daksh Grover, a student of DAV Boys School, is making 3,000 origami bookmarks that will be sold to build a library at Vichoor's government school

Published on 31st March 2021

Bobbie Vijayakkar's five cool origami art that will keep you busy during the Lockdown

Everyone today knows what origami is all about. Whether you're a kid or an adult, Bobbie Vijayakkar can teach you how a few bits of paper can keep boredom at bay during the lockdown

Published on 27th April 2020

Master of Oorugami: How this Chennai girl's miniature origami is taking Instagram by storm

Oorjitha says that she learnt all about origami first from her mother and then just by watching online tutorials 

Published on 3rd August 2018

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