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Nobel Laureate Prof Richard J Roberts delivers Distinguished Lecture at UoH

Richard J Roberts is the Chief Scientific Officer at New England Biolabs, Ipswich, Massachusetts. He received the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine

Published on 17th February 2024
Pic: kolkatalitmeet.in

Kolkata Literary Fest: Event to host 2021 Nobel and Booker Prize winners

The five-day event to take place at the grounds of Kolkata's Victoria Memorial Hall would also have Sudha Murty, former RBI governor and other famous personalities 

Published on 16th January 2024

#WhatTheFAQ: What makes this year's Nobel Prize in Physics winners special?

The Nobel Prize for Physics this year was jointly awarded to three physicists who demystified a branch of science that was considered spooky even by Albert Einstien

Published on 5th October 2022

What happened on February 28: Here's why we celebrate National Science Day and also how the Gulf War ended

CV Raman was the first non-white individual to win the Nobel Prize in science and technology and it was for a discovery he made on this date. Also, wars do end. Just at great costs

Published on 28th February 2022

Nobel Laureate Dr Esther Duflo joins Krea University’s Governing Council

She was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize for Economics along with Dr Abhijit Banerjee and Dr Michael Kremer for developing an innovative experimental approach to alleviating global poverty

Published on 10th December 2021

What happened on December 10: What do Emily Dickinson and Marie Curie have in common?

From an enigmatic poet to the lady who gave us light in the dark. Also, the Nobel Committee in 1902 almost got itself cancelled for this massive oversight

Published on 10th December 2021

What happened on November 21: How CV Raman was so confident of getting a Nobel and why we need to say hello!

Nobel Prize recipient CV Raman passed away on this day. Find out exactly what was so spectacular about his achievement

Published on 21st November 2021

Why the Nobel Prize in Physics going complex systems' way will change the way we look at science in India

What research won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2021? What is a complex system actually? Here's where India stands in this field

Published on 1st November 2021

Not so Nobel: Researchers frustrated by low number of women who've been given science Nobels

More than 600 Nobels have been awarded in scientific disciplines, but just 23 have gone to women

Published on 11th October 2021

Nobel Prize for Literature announced: Abdulrazak Gurnah becomes the first black awardee in 35 years

The Tanzanian novelist, who came to the UK as a refugee, was recognised for his work on the effects of colonialism through the decades

Published on 7th October 2021

Nobel Prize 2021: Why climate modellers deserved the Physics award — they've been proved right again and again

The award went to the trio of Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi and the scientific community has hailed the move

Published on 6th October 2021

Nobel Prize 2021: US-based scientists jointly awarded for their discovery of temperature and touch receptors

They have explained the molecular basis for sensing heat, cold and mechanical force, which is fundamental for human beings' ability to feel, interpret and interact with their environment

Published on 4th October 2021

What The FAQ: What are the Nobel Prizes and why do people think so much about them?

Alfred Nobel does not pay for all the prizes. Do you know which one is paid by a separate institution? We tell you in today's FAQ

Published on 4th October 2021

Will Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg win a Nobel Peace Prize this year? 

The Nobel Peace Prize would be awarded on October 8. A week of Nobel Prizes kicks off on October 4 with Physiology or Medicine

Published on 1st October 2021

#ThrowbackToday: The magic in the words of writer TS Eliot

In today's #TBT, we talk about the famed writer TS Eliot and what makes his words ring true even today. Also, did you know today is observed as World Rivers Day?

Published on 26th September 2021

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