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More than 40 million across the globe begin using tobacco between ages 13 and 15: WHO

Even during a global pandemic, the tobacco and nicotine industry is pushing its products, the WHO said, adding that these addictive substances limit people's ability to fight coronavirus

Published on 31st May 2020

Taking a smoke break? Here's a step-by-step guide to what it does to your body

Have you always wondered what exactly happens to your body when you take that puff? Well, this is how your body supports your habit

Published on 31st May 2018
World No Tobacco Day

Tobacco DAY shocker: Nearly half of India's young smoke only to post 'cool pics' on social media 

Smokers who post on social media also feel that they are not sending any wrong messages to the audience by posting their images online 

Published on 31st May 2018

World No Tobacco Day: How tobacco and cancer is tearing this family's life apart

Sathish's wife didn't realise that her husband was addicted to tobacco, she didn't know that it could lead to cancer either till she had to find out on her own

Published on 31st May 2018

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