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#WhatTheFAQ: Tracing the use of sedition law against Gandhi and now, former student leader Umar Khalid et al

We trace the checkered past of the law, its origin, its adoption in the Constitution of India, the famous cases that made headlines, criticisms towards it and the status quo

Published on 5th May 2022

Karnataka Minister Dr Ashwathnarayan CN talks about formulting new AVGC policy and its link to NEP

Witnessing the enormous growth in the fields of filmmaking, entertainment and media in the state, the minister shared that animation and visual effects would pause the monotony in the education field

Published on 29th April 2022

Why did students of Maharajas College Ernakulam, Kerala, write exams under mobile flashlights? 

Since it is an autonomous college, it was well within the limits of the authorities to cancel the exam and make the announcement about a retest

Published on 13th April 2022

What Happened on April 2: The day of the dollar begins and a happy, book-ish coincidence    

The US Dollar comes into being, a famous author gets married resulting in a surprising coincidence later in history and around the world, people celebrate the chic DIY culture 

Published on 2nd April 2022

Karnataka to introduce twinning programmes for degree, nursing and post-graduation courses

These MoUs will facilitate opportunities to pursue higher education with global standards. Here's all that Dr Ashwathnarayan CN, Karnataka Minister for Higher Education, shared about the same 

Published on 17th March 2022

What happened on February 22: First Indian cotton mill was opened in Mumbai, death anniversary of Maulana Azad

On February 22, 1992, Maulana Azad, the first Education Minister of India, was awarded the Bharat Ratna posthumously

Published on 22nd February 2022

The events that lead to this autonomous PG govt college in Madhya Pradesh banning hijab on campus

The incident happened three days after a hijab and burqa-clad MCom third semester student was allowed to attempt an exam at a Government Autonomous PG College

Published on 15th February 2022

What happened on January 20: Kamala Harris sworn in as US Vice-President and how India celebrated it

Also, some very famous words were uttered by former US President John F Kennedy and surely, you know them too!

Published on 20th January 2022

Raichur's Nirbhaya-2: Rape, murder ruled out, but prime accused 'friend' definitely stalked her

The case had grabbed national headlines as a ‘Nirbhaya-2’ after the infamous Delhi gang rape and fatal assault case of a physiotherapy intern in December 2012

Published on 26th July 2019

What happened on January 13? Hitler declared total war and Mickey Mouse was born

Who doesn't like comics? And the OG of comics is none other than Mickey Mouse. The comic strip appeared for the first time on January 13, 1930

Published on 13th January 2022

Now, you can register to attend IIMB's virtual session on mental health and wellbeing. Here's how

The event is going to be held virtually and famous sportsperson, Abhinav Bindra will be one of the speakers in the panel


Published on 31st December 2021

What happened on December 31: Bidding farewell to Calvin and Hobbes and wishing South Korean artist Psy a Happy Birthday!

Calvin and Hobbes is a comic strip that still hasn't lost its appeal. Here's the resignation letter its creator wrote to say adieu to the comic strip. Also, more about Psy and the famous New York ball

Published on 31st December 2021

What happened on December 16: The Taj Mahal Hotel was born and Don Bradman made his debut 

December 16 is also famous for the Bangladeshi Victory Day that marks the surrender of Pakistani forces back in 1971

Published on 16th December 2021

What happened on December 15: Gone away to Venus and Gone With the Wind, plus this footballer's birthday

The day saw a famous landing on Venus that was short-lived but vital. It is also the premiere date of one of Hollywood's classics. Oh, and it earned a lot!

Published on 15th December 2021

What happened on November 29: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Queen asking all the right questions and the big deal about Pong!

Bohemian Rhapsody is three songs bled into one apparently and so operatic in its ways that no one can listen to it just once. Let's sway with the famous song which is the gift of Queen

Published on 29th November 2021

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