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IGNOU launches bachelor's programme in MSMEs to fulfil present needs of young entrepreneurs in India

The programme comprising 132 credits aims to enhance knowledge, skill and competencies to start one's venture

Published on 5th July 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: Indian rupee hit all-time low against the US dollar yet again. But why?

What is happening to the Indian rupee and why is it hitting new lows against the dollar? We try to decode this in today's edition of What The FAQ

Published on 9th May 2022

Consumerfed launches students' markets for school supplies in Kerala's Kottayam  

Cooperation Minister VN Vasavan said more initiatives will be taken by the government as part of bringing down the expense for learning

Published on 7th May 2022

What the FAQ: Sensex, NIFTY tank — what went wrong with the stock market?

The stock markets, in the US as well as locally here, are facing the brunt of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis

Published on 14th February 2022

Karti Chidambaram says EdTech companies are worth more than MoE budget, engage in predatory marketing

Chidambaram even went as far as to call Ed-Tech companies the new-age "loan sharks". He said that the companies are thrusting various unevaluated courses on the unsuspecting people of India

Published on 15th December 2021

SIMS ties up with NSE to boost stock market understanding for their MBA students

The MoU signed between the institute and the National Stock Exchange will provide training by industry experts with the help of a stock market simulator set up on campus

Published on 1st December 2021

Mahindra University in Hyderabad commences online classes after 30 COVID cases detected on campus

It was on November 27 that the officials declared a shutdown of the campus and encouraged students to leave for their homes 

Published on 29th November 2021

Why does this seven-year-old record-holder from Kerala know so much about the stock market?

Noel Alexander was recently recognised for identifying the most number of MNCs in 4 minutes. This is where his unique talent is taking him

Published on 23rd November 2021
College students

Venture capitalist firm Antler launches $20,000 start-up fellowship programme for Indian college students

According to the statement issued by the company, the fellowship aims to fuel the growing entrepreneurial talent in Indian colleges and universities

Published on 20th November 2021

Whatever I did, I did for farmers. What I'm doing, is for the country: Modi repeals three farm laws after a year of farmer agitation

The goal of the three farm laws was to empower farmers, especially small farmers, he said. The agriculture budget has risen by five times with over Rs 1.25 lakh crore being spent annually

Published on 19th November 2021

What the FAQ: How are petrol prices determined in India, and how significant is the recent tax cut?

Few things are more political than petrol in India right now. Prices of petrol and diesel have been on quite the ride this year, and here are all the factors fueling this carousel

Published on 8th November 2021

Twitterati can now record Spaces chat and share with others. Here's how

Hosts will be able to download the audio of their Space, which they can then edit as a podcast too

Published on 29th October 2021

Talks on market and economy dominated the annual business conclave of XIM University

The event was concluded with a Q&A session where students raised pertinent questions to the panel, making the session interactive and insightful

Published on 11th October 2021

These NIT Tiruchy grads might just revolutionise India's bike market with their hybrid that runs on fuel and electricity

Blaer Motors is an NIT Tiruchy-incubated start-up that is creating tech to seamlessly integrate hybrid powertrains in vehicles. We find out how

Published on 1st September 2021

IIT Madras to develop an online marketplace called e-Source for buying and selling e-waste

E-waste is one of the pressing issues in India, with the country being the world's third largest producer. Between 2019 and 2020, Indians generated 38 per cent more e-waste

Published on 30th August 2021

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