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What the FAQ: What does The Lancet report say about COVID deaths?

The Health Ministry, on March 11, said that The Lancet study is speculative and misinformed

Published on 12th March 2022

Over 1.9 million Indian kids lost their parents to COVID, finds Lancet study

Future pandemic responses should include surveillance systems to monitor the numbers of children affected for every parental and caregiver death, the researchers said

Published on 25th February 2022

COVID: Covaxin is 77.8 per cent effective against symptomatic virus, says Lancet report

The efficacy data which was peer reviewed also said the vaccine demonstrated 63.6 per cent protection against asymptomatic COVID-19 and 65.2 per cent safety against the Delta variant  

Published on 12th November 2021

Global warming, climate change might be causing increased health issues, finds Lancet study

Compared to the last Lancet report, “this one is the sobering realisation that we're going completely in the wrong direction”

Published on 21st October 2021

Long-lasting COVID symptoms rare in children: Lancet study

The study, based on data reported through a smartphone app by parents and carers, provides the first detailed description of COVID-19 illness in symptomatic school-aged children

Published on 4th August 2021

1,19,000 Indian children lost caregivers to COVID-19 just in the first 14 months of the pandemic, according to The Lancet study

The study stated that 25,500 children in India lost their mother to COVID-19 while 90,751 lost their father and 12 lost both their parents

Published on 21st July 2021

Over 7 lakh deaths in India per year linked to abnormal temperatures, finds Lancet study

An international team, led by researchers at Monash University in Australia, found that globally more than five million extra deaths a year can be attributed to non-optimal temperatures

Published on 8th July 2021

Single dose of Pfizer, AstraZeneca COVID vaccine offers 60 per cent protection: Lancet study

To obtain real-world data on the effectiveness of these vaccines in care homes, the researchers from the University College London (UCL) in the UK used data from the VIVALDI study

Published on 24th June 2021

Pfizer jab produces less antibodies against Delta variant of the Coronavirus according to Lancet

For the study, the team analysed antibodies in the blood of 250 healthy people who received either one or two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, up to three months after their first dose

Published on 4th June 2021

COVID lockdown reduced the transmission of deadly invasive bacteria: Lancet study

The rapid spread of COVID-19 forced many countries to lockdown and create national containment policies leading to a significant reduction in people's movements in all countries

Published on 28th May 2021

Mixing vax doses from different brands safe, but can present frequent side effects, says new Lancet study

The team examined more than 800 adults aged 50 and over who had received mixed vaccine doses at a four-week interval

Published on 14th May 2021

Higher body weight linked with severe COVID-19 risk: Lancet study 

The risks of hospitalisation were 5 per cent higher for each one unit increase in BMI and the risk of ICU admission was 10 per cent higher for each unit increase, they said

Published on 29th April 2021

Susceptibility to COVID high immediately after vaccination, observes Lancet

Several cases of infections have been reported after taking COVID vaccinations across the country. The observation may explain some of that

Published on 18th April 2021

Phase 1 trial results show Covaxin has tolerable safety, enhanced immunity, finds Lancet study

Covaxin, which is now undergoing phase-3 trials, had raised concerns among experts over its emergency approval earlier this month by India's drug regulator

Published on 22nd January 2021

Oxford's COVID vaccine is safe, protects against disease: Lancet report

The results are the first full peer-reviewed efficacy results to be published for a COVID-19 vaccine, and are published in The Lancet

Published on 9th December 2020

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