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Why three Chennai artists decided to start their own version of the famous Inktober art challenge on Instagram

After much controversy surrounding Inktober, three Chennai artists started #MadrasInktober — their tribute to the city and its many colours. This is what happened when they got their creative hit

Published on 7th October 2020

Why Kerala architect Indulekha Menon's sketches went viral during #Inktober

Indulekha Menon speaks about her love for music, art and architecture and where the inspiration comes from — and why her Inktober drawings are going viral

Published on 13th November 2019

This Bengaluru based artist has taken a break from work to tell stories through her portraits this Inktober

Joining the Inktober hashtag, an artistic hand in Bangalore has come up with creative sketches of strangers whom she met in the city

Published on 25th October 2017

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