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UP Boards 2023: Cyber thugs baiting students to increase marks in lieu of money, says UPMSP secretary

Speculating the declaration of results in UP, cybercrime is on the loose with cases of extortion and false promises of promotion

Published on 8th April 2023

Hugs and High Fives: Social distancing goes for a toss as Karnataka holds PU exam for lakhs of students

Around 18,524 students residing in hostels, and children of migrant labourers and 1,889 students from neighbouring states have been allowed to change exam centres for their convenience

Published on 18th June 2020

COVID-19: No high fives, no hugs, as exams begin in Kerala schools after lockdown

After the announcement early this month, that the examination will soon begin, there were numerous announcements in the media and in the social media

Published on 26th May 2020
HBD Narendra Modi

HBD Narendra Modi: Celebrating the Prime Minister's legendary power hugs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is affectionate and it reflects in his appearance. He does not just do handshakes, he hugs

Published on 17th September 2019

What is a 'bunny hug?' The language of hugs, winks and nods explained

An anonymous person once said that ‘a kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance’

Published on 30th July 2018

Young Kolkata hugs it out: Moral policing does not define my city, say the protestors 

Many protesters felt the incident brought a bad name to the city, which otherwise has welcomed people from across the world with an ounce of moral policing 

Published on 3rd May 2018

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