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Are you a stamp collector? Check out Worldwide Mint's website to see all the cool stamps and currencies they have

Worldwide Mint is an online store for stamps and foreign currencies, developed by Chennai-based philatelist Ramesh Ethiraj

Published on 13th December 2020

This Chennai Rotaract Club will help send your anonymous 'Thank You' messages to loved ones

Rotaract Club of Hindustan University, Chennai have introduced a Google form that allows you to share a message to your loved ones anonymously

Published on 27th November 2019
Reshma Johnson

Reshma Johnson is an architect who designs wedding decor for a living. How cool is that?

Using her hardcore creativity and architectural skills, Reshma Johnson excels as a creative designer in the wedding planning industry and moonlights as an 'Instagram artist' and solopreneur

Published on 1st November 2019
Ashish Cherian coding genius  software

At 21, Ashish Cherian, the young coding genius has developed software for several companies

Ashish has worked with several companies like Flytta and iMorph Innovations

Published on 22nd November 2018

Meet Ted Solomon and his friends, the Made-in-India Rocketmen

This founders are all students of Chennai's Hindustan University and the aeronautics company operates from Hindustan University's incubator

Published on 18th May 2018

Anti-ragging awareness drive organised for students at Hindustan University  

The institution should play a vital role in counselling students indulging in ragging since proper counselling will definitely help the students and they will also refrain from anti social activities

Published on 27th July 2017

Russian cosmonaut inaugurates Astro club at Hindustan University as part of the 'International Seminar on Space' odyssey

Mikhail Kornienko has spent 560 days in space and has also worked as a flight engineer at the International Space Station

Published on 19th July 2017

Hindustan University in association with ASPA conducts the 6th International Young Scholars Workshop

Hindustan University also inaugurated the KCG Verghese, Higher Education Leadership and Management Centre which aims to shape the future of higher education across the globe 

Published on 13th July 2017

Students of Hindustan University develop a device that helps to locate the wreckage and the black box in the event of a plane crash

The students of Hindustan University creates the BAST device that is designed to track missing planes

Published on 31st May 2017

Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram-Name it all. This Professor is everywhere to help you

Putting practical application of theories at the forefront of his teaching, Dr Thangakumar J, an Assistant Professor from Hindustan University talks about how he makes classrooms fun and interactive

Published on 27th May 2017

RSDC's rubber training programme will now provide employment to thousands 

The course aims to land students in supervisory roles in the rubber industry and plantation sectors

Published on 7th March 2017

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