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IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay suicide: SIT probe confirms Darshan Solanki's handwriting on suicide note

The police received a report from a handwriting expert confirming this fact, an institute official informed

Published on 7th April 2023

It is official! Handwriting actually does trump watching video and typing: Research

The writing group ended up with more of the skills needed for expert adult-level reading and spelling because handwriting reinforces the visual and aural lessons

Published on 10th July 2021

Here's how to develop the art of good handwriting

If you have ever received a comment about your 'bad' handwriting, fret not, chances are that it might not be you but the pen that you used

Published on 24th January 2021

Is your handwriting critical to success in the age of computers and text messages?

How much trouble can bad handwriting get you into and for how long? Monteiro ponders over it in his recent column

Published on 22nd August 2020

This Chennai-based youngster is teaching us how calligraphy not just improves handwriting but is also a meditative tool 

"I have been falling in love with calligraphy more and more daily. Also, I think that it is extremely therapeutic for me," says Niranjan 

Published on 23rd August 2019

Handwriting experts say suicide note not written by Raichur victim, police suspect gangrape

The woman’s friends and family are negating the suicide theory, on the ground that she could not have both hanged and burnt herself

Published on 24th April 2019

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