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Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019: Check out these movie-themed costumes to look absolutely 'spooktacular'

Here's a list of some carefully-curated spooky costumes to be Halloween ready. Find out more

Published on 31st October 2019

Too bored to get dressed up for Halloween? Check out these 5 Indian Horror flicks instead

Check these Indian movies that will make your Halloween scary

Published on 30th October 2018

Coimbatore's young are busy getting their wigs and wardrobes ready as Halloween fever enters India

As Halloween's spirit spreads its claws in India, youngsters are turning to movies, comics and favourite characters to celebrate the occasion

Published on 27th October 2017

There is a DIY space for the curious child. Visit soon?

Chennai’s Quest has opened its doors to children who would like to learn by doing

Published on 4th August 2017

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