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What the FAQ: China is now the richest country in the world. But what exactly does that mean?

While we might chuckle at the irony of a socialist nation earning the title of 'richest country', there are some serious issues that crop up under that statistic

Published on 18th November 2021

What the FAQ: Who was Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and why is his birthday celebrated as Education Day?

Maulana Azad was a great Independence leader who became the first education minister of free India

Published on 11th November 2021

What The FAQ: Why has India refused to sign COP's agenda for sustainable agriculture?

India claims that it already has a policy in place for sustainable agriculture practices. But what is this policy exactly?

Published on 10th November 2021

What The FAQ: Will Xi Jinping ensure that he continues to be in charge? How does China's government work?

The cream of China's leadership at the CCP is going to meet in order to decide the future of politics in the country. Spoiler alert. It's going to remain exactly the same as the present. Here's how

Published on 9th November 2021

What The FAQ: What is No-shave November all about and how did it begin?

Why is Movember such a cool thing? Is there more to it or is it just another social media challenge?

Published on 1st November 2021

What The FAQ: Why does the Kerala government want to decommission the Mullaiperiyar Dam?

The 126-year-old dam is back in the spotlight again and the issue between states has started again. Here's everything that you must know about it

Published on 29th October 2021

What The FAQ: What is Donald Trump's new social media platform all about?

The former US President is all set to launch his own social media platform, TRUTH Social, after being banned from both Facebook and Twitter

Published on 22nd October 2021

What The FAQ: What's all the fuss about Apple's rumoured 'Mixed Reality' headset?

While Apple has remained quiet on the subject, speculation is rife that the head-mounted device will be the best in the business. We break down the why, the when and the how for you

Published on 19th October 2021

What the FAQ: What is the global energy crisis and how will it affect people?

As the world fails to meet energy demands due to a shortage of fuel supply, we are bound to witness an energy crisis the likes of which has not been seen since the 1970s

Published on 12th October 2021

What the FAQ: When did the India-China conflict begin and what are they fighting over? 

Diplomatic stalemates are nothing new for the worsening ties between the higher echelons of the Indian and Chinese leaderships in the last few years. But when did the strife begin?

Published on 11th October 2021

What The FAQ: What are the Nobel Prizes and why do people think so much about them?

Alfred Nobel does not pay for all the prizes. Do you know which one is paid by a separate institution? We tell you in today's FAQ

Published on 4th October 2021

What The FAQ: Who is Nambi Narayanan, on whom Madhavan's new film Rocketry is based?

The film that is being simultaneously made in Hindi, Tamil, and English, will be released on April 1, 2022. Find more about it here

Published on 30th September 2021

What the FAQ: India gives nod to Novavax COVID-19 vaccine trials for children. Can your child take it?

SII chief Adar Poonawalla said he expects Covovax, the domestic version of Novovax, to be approved for those below 18 years in January or February next year

Published on 28th September 2021

WHAT THE FAQ: What is it a big deal that the Sensex hits 60,000? 

When Sensex breached the 60,000 mark, we wondered how it is calculated. In today's FAQ, we try and find out what the Sensex and Nifty are all about and how does it impact our market 

Published on 25th September 2021

What The FAQ: Who was Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh that the BJP has named a university in UP after?

In 1957, Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh contested the Lok Sabha election from Mathura. He won against Atal Bihari Vajpayee and had over 40 per cent of the votes in that election

Published on 14th September 2021

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