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Ahmedabad-based PRL discovers new exoplanet 725 light year away

Using PARAS, which has the capability to measure mass of an exoplanet, the exoplanet's mass is found to be 70 per cent and its size is about 1.4 times that of the Jupiter

Published on 17th November 2021

NASA selects four small astrophysics missions to unlock universe's secrets

These selections enable new platforms for exploring cosmic phenomena such as galaxy evolution, exoplanets, high-energy neutrinos, and neutron star mergers

Published on 8th January 2021

Researchers detect radio signals from exoplanet system 51 light-years away, might just prove existence of alien life 

If confirmed through follow-up observations, this radio detection opens up a new window on exoplanets and provides a novel way to examine alien worlds that are tens of light-years away

Published on 18th December 2020

Astronomers spot far-away planet that could possibly support life

K2-18b is a newly discovered exoplanet that is potentially habitable with hydrogen-rich atmosphere and a significant amount of water vapour

Published on 27th February 2020

University of Lincoln study says that exomoons may be home to alien life

The study looked at the possibility of moons orbiting the exoplanet J1407b, analysing whether they may have caused gaps in the planet's ring system

Published on 8th June 2019

Believe in alien life? Here's how artificial intelligence can help track the existence of extraterrestrial life

Given the results so far, this method may prove to be extremely useful for categorising different types of exoplanets using results from ground-based and near-Earth observatories

Published on 4th April 2018

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