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cyclone fani school buildings damaged

Disaster Management will be taught as a compulsory subject in colleges of Odisha to prepare everyone for challenges posed by cyclones

The cabinet had said everyone in the state should be well prepared to face the challenges posed by disasters, such as frequent cyclones and also the COVID pandemic

Published on 24th July 2021

Scientists find novel technique that could detect development of tropical cyclones earlier than satellites

Early detection of Tropical cyclones has wide socio-economic implications. A larger time gap between the detection and the impact of the cyclone could help preparation activities

Published on 9th June 2021

Climate change, human activities may have influenced super cyclone Amphan

Koll said these high temperatures could supercharge a cyclone since tropical cyclones primarily draw their energy from evaporation at the ocean surface

Published on 19th May 2020

IIT Madras' new Centre of Excellence will help predict coastal climate with increased accuracy

The CoE will work on predicting climate change impact on coastal communities and strategically important infrastructure such as ports & power plants due to increased frequency of tropical cyclones 

Published on 15th April 2019

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