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Explain how marks in 2021 were calculated and deducted: SC orders CBSE 

The court was hearing a petition by students who claimed that the Board had deducted from the marks submitted by the school

Published on 28th May 2022
Delhi High Court

Delhi High Court agrees to hear plea on the calculation of Class 10 CBSE marks on July 9

A bench of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh advanced the date of hearing in the petition from August 28 after the NGO, 'Justice for All', moved an application for an early hearing

Published on 5th July 2021

Google runs largest chemistry calculation on quantum computer that will improve variety of industries

The Google AI Quantum team used a noise-robust variational quantum eigensolver (VQE) to directly simulate a chemical mechanism via a quantum algorithm

Published on 28th August 2020

This Bengaluru Math wiz just subtracted two 100-digit numbers in under a minute. Beat that!

Think you can subtract anything? Well, Rahul Murali Krishnan just aced it with two 100-digit numbers. Rashmi Patil finds out more about this Maths genius from Bengaluru

Published on 15th July 2020

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