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Study finds how the dreaming phase matters for brain refreshing

The researchers also measured electrical activity in the brain to identify REM sleep, non-REM sleep, and wakefulness and looked for differences in blood flow between these phases

Published on 4th September 2021

New study throws light on differences in susceptibility to social isolation and its impact on mental health

The research aimed to understand the brain mechanisms through which isolation affects people's social motivation and mental health — a growing concern during the COVID-19 pandemic

Published on 3rd September 2021

Study finds that physical exercise modulates iron in Alzheimer's disease

The current study demonstrates that regular physical exercise modulates iron storage and trafficking in both the brain and skeletal muscle

Published on 21st August 2021

This theatre company run by a retired teacher couple is helping kids widen their imagination during the lockdown

This retired teacher couple is trying to set the trend of keeping your screens aside and engage in there to help imagine and stimulate your brain

Published on 21st August 2021

Researchers find that the brain can anticipate future when listening to music

Past ideas on how the human brain processes music suggested that musical phrases are perceived by looking backward rather than forward

Published on 20th August 2021

Study suggests that excessive coffeee consumption may lead to dementia 

Researchers have found that high coffee consumption is associated with smaller total brain volumes and an increased risk of dementia

Published on 26th July 2021

How the parents of a disabled child created a nine-fingered doll called Ginny to teach Indian kids inclusivity

Ginny's Planet is the brainchild of Dr Shweta Verma and Jamal Siddiqui. The doll wears glasses, has nine fingers and has a radial club hand

Published on 13th July 2021

Researchers find potential new treatment targets for Alzheimer's disease

The potential targets are defective proteins that lead to the build-up of amyloid in the brain, contributing to the onset of problems with memory and thinking

Published on 9th July 2021

App providing career guidance to high school students in Odisha launched in Kalahandi

Brainchild of the collector of Kalahandi, Parag Harshad Gavali, the app, 'oDisha' plans on providing personalised, hands-on guidance to help high school students make the right career choices

Published on 8th July 2021
COVID Testing

Peer review-pending study suggests COVID survivors may lose grey matter and other brain tissue over time

The damage was seen in brain areas that involved smell, taste, cognitive function and memory formation said researchers who studied pre- and post-COVID brain image tests 

Published on 23rd June 2021

An analysis of brain scans show consistent grey matter loss post-COVID infection, find researchers

The team compared brain scans taken pre-pandemic to scans taken about three years later among 394 COVID-19 patients and 388 matched controls

Published on 19th June 2021

COVID-19 can cause severe inflammation in the brain, says a new study

In particular, the essential defence cells of the brain, known as microglial cells, are particularly strongly activated, and we also observed migration of T-killer cells

Published on 15th June 2021

Scientists identify mechanism revealing how brain injury may lead to neurodegenerative disease

The results could aid the development of treatments that halt the progression of cell damage after brain injury

Published on 2nd June 2021

How the very last step in cell division is crucial for the brain to reach its proper size and function

The federal Centers for Disease Control estimates that microcephaly affects from 1 in 800 children to 1 in 5,000 children in the United States each year

Published on 29th May 2021

Study reveals that damage to white matter linked to worse cognitive outcomes after brain injury

The findings may help neurologists better predict the long-term effects of strokes and other forms of traumatic brain injury

Published on 8th May 2021

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