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Resident doctors at Delhi's LNJP Hospital claim fake COVID-19 booster dose certificate issued in their name

The resident doctors said that the authorities had denied issuing them the third dose of the vaccine because their records showed they had already taken the dose

Published on 14th September 2022

Gov't considering COVID-19 vaccine booster dose for Indians travelling overseas for education, jobs

Discussions are also underway on whether overseas travellers opting for booster doses should receive the shot at private vaccination centres

Published on 26th March 2022

Give COVID vaccine boosters to the most vulnerable first: WHO appeals to countries

Last year, WHO pleaded with rich countries to declare a moratorium on offering booster doses until the end of 2021, an appeal that went almost entirely ignored

Published on 22nd January 2022

What The FAQ: Is it safe to mix vaccines? All you need to know about COVID-19 booster shots

If you have completed 90 days after your second vax jb, you are physically eligible to get the precaution dose

Published on 11th January 2022
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COVID-19: Decisions like boosters, jabs for children need to be based on science, Health Minister Mandaviya says

Mandaviya said that the government would be spending Rs 100 crore in each district to ensure that states have 50-bed critical medical facility for future pandemics

Published on 4th December 2021

What The FAQ: When can you get your COVID booster dose in India and how badly do you need it?

Germany, Austria, Canada, France, the UK, Turkey, the US, Russia and a few more countries have already begun administering booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines

Published on 4th December 2021

Kerala doc objects to use of arsenic-based homoeopathic drug as "immunity booster" for students after state gov't green-lights it

Studies suggest that even trace amounts of arsenic can cause cognitive and neurological dysfunction in children

Published on 21st October 2021

US NIH starts COVID booster study in people with autoimmune disease 

The study team will enroll approximately 600 participants ages 18 years and older at 15 to 20 sites across the country

Published on 29th August 2021

How skewed is the global vaccine distribution? WHO pulls up "rich" countries for their booster doses

Addressing the global imbalance in the distribution of vaccines, the WHO has asked first world countries to stop booster doses until at least 10 percent of every country is vaccinated

Published on 5th August 2021

COVID-19: Pfizer says it is time for booster dose, US government officials say not so fast

The companies said they believe a third dose of the mRNA vaccine has the potential to preserve the highest levels of protective efficacy against all currently known variants including Delta

Published on 9th July 2021

ABVP asks JNU to provide Ayurvedic immunity boosters after 26 staff, student test positive for COVID 

After around 2100 staff and students were reportedly tested, the results came back today and 24 staff members and two students out of the 350 have tested positive

Published on 24th July 2020

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