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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

Who is Jeff Bezos? Meet the American high schooler who thought Amazon's CEO is 'no big deal'

When the teenager was informed that Bezos heads Amazon, one of the largest companies in the world, he turned around, saying, Big deal, so what?"

Published on 22nd October 2019

Abhay Ashtekar, renowned Indian American theoretical physicist wins prestigious Einstein Prize

After receiving his Ph.D. in 1974 from the University of Chicago, Ashtekar went on to hold influential positions in France, Canada and India.

Published on 15th October 2018

Andhra Pradesh: Kakinada gov't school students will be trained to speak English in American accent

A trial run of the RISE programme was conducted at 34 schools under the Tuni constituency in July this year

Published on 27th December 2022

Indian Americans face racial discrimination as early as pre-school in the US: Study

Often, these students are found 'code-switching' with regards to their behaviour and speech when in the company of their friends and schoolmates and their families

Published on 20th December 2022

#WhatTheFAQ: 'Gaslighting' is Merriam-Webster's word of the year. How was it selected?

A driver of disorientation and mistrust, the word gaslighting saw a 1740% increase in lookups with high interest throughout the year 2022, says Merriam-Webster's official website

Published on 29th November 2022

Number of Indian students in the US goes up by 19% in 2021-22: US gov't report

The year 2021-22 saw 62,000 student visas being issued, said Don Heflin, Minister Counsellor for Consular Affairs at the US embassy in New Delhi

Published on 15th November 2022

Hyderabad: St Francis' first-ever film club has grand plans to help students dive deep into the world of cinema

“I want everyone to see the symbolism, that will help them widen their horizons and give recognition to underrated movies,” says Vidhi Shah, Club President

Published on 10th October 2022

What happened on April 4: When we lost the man who had a dream and let's recollect the Kangra earthquake 

A lot has happened on April 4 over the years, including the birth of Microsoft. Let's look at a few other notable events from the day in today's #ThrowbackToday  


Published on 4th April 2022

How are university reservations in the US affecting Indian-Americans? US SC to consider challenge to policy

One of the methods Harvard had allegedly used to undermine Asians, who are otherwise qualified, was to give them lower scores on personality traits used to assess applicants

Published on 25th January 2022

Hindu faculty members lodge protest against inclusion of caste in non-discriminatory policy at California State varsity

'Rather than redressing discrimination, it will actually cause discrimination by unconstitutionally singling out and targeting Hindu faculty of Indian and South Asian descent,' claims the letter

Published on 24th January 2022

The American College in Madurai postpones semester exams after student protest over offline exams 

The semester exams were scheduled to commence on November 15 and it was the same day that the students protested in front of the district collectorate

Published on 16th November 2021

What happened on October 27: We were blessed with the song Stand By Me and in 2015, Taylor Swift's fifth album dropped 

It's going to be a musical day because not only do we intend to celebrate Ben King's eternally evocative song Stand By Me, we also talk about Taylor Swift and how her musical genius 

Published on 27th October 2021

Andhra University gets an American Corner, to be a 'global knowledge hub'

State government overseas education advisor Kumar Annavarapu said webinars soon will be held to create awareness about visa counselling and overseas education

Published on 24th September 2021

#ThrowbackToday: The Green Day album that gave us Boulevard of Broken Dreams

In today's #TBT, it's time to play every song there is on the album American Idiot, an album that proved to be a huge comeback for the band Green Day. Let's savour some of its music, what say?

Published on 21st September 2021

#ThrowbackToday: The American chocolatier who gave us the best milk chocolate ever

In today's #TBT, we talk about the real Willy Wonka, Milton Snavely Hershey. He founded The Hershey Company and gave us so much to devour! Which one is your favourite?  

Published on 13th September 2021

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