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Decline in students attempting matriculation exam in tribal-dominated Odisha district raises concerns

There has been a decline in the number of students taking the BSE matriculation exam in Sundargarh district, with a drop of 2,622 students in 2023-24 

Published on 14th March 2023

JEE Advanced 2023: Delhi HC delivers hope to aspirants who missed out on exam due to COVID

Petitioners argue that JEE (Advanced) 2023 eligibility criteria violate Article 14 of the Constitution as students who passed their XII exam in 2020 were granted relaxation but they were not


Published on 7th March 2023

Odisha gov't to shorten school summer vacation to 11 days to recover education loss

A Learning Recovery Plan (LRP) has been envisaged by the Odisha School Education Programme Authority, which has cut the summer vacations short

Published on 16th April 2022

BSE reschedules 2023-24 academic session in response to COVID: Here's what you need to know

Courses for HSC and Madhyama will continue for 2023-24 as per the breakup of the syllabus for four quarters which has been uploaded on the website

Published on 25th February 2023

UPSC extra attempt case: SC throws the ball back into government's court; aspirants left in lurch

The aspirants are upset. Though some still hope for solution, others say they might start preparing for different careers

Published on 21st February 2023

Relax age limit, grant extra attempt to Civil Service aspirants: Stalin urges Modi

The minister said that more than 150 Members of Parliament across various parties have supported the cause of the aspirants

Published on 8th February 2023

Delhi HC grants relief to teacher, says vaccine cannot be insisted upon by the employer

A history teacher in the Government Girls Senior Secondary School, New Usmanpur, Gautam Puri had moved court in 2021 to be able to teach perform other duties without being required to be vaccinated

Published on 24th January 2023

Viral video shows students locking up school staff over unpaid meal funds during pandemic

A Class VIII student named Dheeraj claims that no student has received the money intended for mid-day meals during the Covid-19 period

Published on 21st January 2023

UGC NET 2022: Students faced technical glitches; request extension of deadline for submitting application form

Student representatives from ABVP have requested for an extension in submitting the form till Wednesday, that is, January 25, 2023

Published on 19th January 2023

98% School Enrollment: India's all-time high despite pandemic closures

ASER is a nationwide, citizen-led household survey that provides a snapshot of children's schooling and learning in rural India and the first ASER was conducted in 2005

Published on 18th January 2023
Kerala School reopen COVID-19 pandemic

Keep schools open with appropriate prevention measures in place: WHO Europe

According to WHO Europe, Science must trump politics and the long-term interests of children must remain a priority

Published on 30th October 2021

Allahabad High Court Ruling: Private Schools in UP must refund 15% of fees collected during COVID-19 pandemic

Parents argued that schools only provided online tuition during the 2020-2021 academic year and therefore, charging more than tuition fees constitutes profiteering and commercialisation of education

Published on 17th January 2023

Hansraj College: No non-vegetarian food will be served at this Delhi University college

The college accepted that students were not given prior information about the changes made to the hostel's menu

Published on 16th January 2023

Academic Calendar 2023: Is the government sacrificing students' interests in trying to restore normalcy?

Students complain that the advancement of entrance tests has left them little time for preparation and also brought them close to clashing with some practical and state board exams

Published on 14th January 2023

Tribal body opposes burial of academician who died of COVID at AIIMS Delhi

A tribal body in Manipur opposed the burial of academician Nehginpao Kipgen who died of COVID- 19, AIIMS-Delhi while undergoing treatment for COVID-19

Published on 7th May 2021

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