Pant-astic poise please: Why you should not just be patients but persevere too

The Coach wonders how a 23-year-old deals with adverse media attention and why we should not just be patient but persevere too!
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

If you’ve been following Rishabh Pant in the news and on social media, you’ll agree that he’s been in a spot quite a few times. From being asked questions on fitness all the way to even being called a babysitter (when a photo of him with Tim Paine’s wife and kids went viral), he’s been called many things and has faced quite a few challenging questions, but he’s emerged a winner! I am pretty overwhelmed at the way he’s been handling it. It’s not easy for a 23-year-old to be FIELDING these questions
The one very important mantra I have for you all today is simple. Patience WITH perseverance prevails! In today’s world, just having patience isn’t enough. It’s like sitting below a mango tree and expecting one to fall right into your lap. It might when the tree dies or the fruit is rotten. But is that what you want? The message I want to convey is that it definitely takes some time to PROVE OURSELVES. Nobody became a rockstar overnight, nobody became a hero overnight and I can’t help, but recall Lionel Messi’s famous quote “It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success”. I emphasise on the word OVERNIGHT as we all want the RESULTS that we crave for overnight and usually never understand the STRUGGLE until that point. Yes! There are a lot of other factors that do play a role and I definitely don’t deny it at all, but irrespective of our fate, luck, destiny or other beliefs, the common denominator has to be efforts.
The three life lessons I’d like to leave you with... 
 Our efforts have to be CONSISTENT irrespective of how hopeful we are. If I had gone by the prediction, I’d never have achieved what I have today and might have at the age of 43. So irrespective of who tells you what, NEVER STOP TRYING, especially when you feel that it’s your CALLING. 
 Grabbing opportunities plays a major role in proving ourselves. But not everyone is blessed to have one come by and that’s when we need to focus on CREATING one for ourselves. How I did it was simple, I exhibited the passion I had, to help people bring a smile on their face and was ready to do whatever it takes to achieve that. The one thing that I never allowed was for this to get into my head and become complacent nor did I GIVE UP and feel HOPELESS. Which is exactly what you should do too.
  I don’t deny that there are many who have reached great heights much before me and there are many who have not just reached, but surpassed the expectations of everyone and have carved a niche for themselves. I feel happy for them, but dissatisfied with myself... NEVER DISHEARTENED. This is a very important thing to note, understand and imbibe. It’s perfectly okay to be dissatisfied with ourselves, it PUSHES us to become creative and find novel ways to address the challenge. But if we get disheartened with ourselves, we’ll never be able to think straight, forget thinking out of the box. Keep your head held high and remember that YOU CAN and YOU WILL.
There are quite a few times when I have been asked this question... “What if nothing works till I die?” Well, the answer to that isn’t with me and is dependent on your beliefs. If you believe in destiny, then you were never destined for it. If you believe in God, God had other plans for you. But irrespective of what you believe, all I say is this... Isn’t it better to end our existence being HOPEFUL and ENERGETIC rather than anything else? I’ll let you decide 
With Regards,
Adarsh Benakappa Basavaraj
“The Coach”

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