This Coimbatore-based artist is giving M-Seal an artistic purpose through her miniatures

Geethanjali Viswanathan shows us M-Seal can be used in more ways than just a sealant
Geethanjali Viswanathan uses M-Seal to make miniatures
Geethanjali Viswanathan uses M-Seal to make miniatures

Where would you buy an M-Seal? Yes, the gooey thing that can glue almost anything on the planet. Surely, in a hardware store. Right? Geethanjali Viswanathan buys M-Seal from there and heads straight to her table and mixes the black and white substance up. No, she is not using it as a sealant. Instead, she shapes them into miniature wonders!

Geethanjali's miniature fridge magnets (Pic: Geethanjali Viswanathan)

As a child, she always enjoyed art and craft. She continues to make time for it, even though she has a busy schedule at a leading IT firm in Chennai. "I always have a thirst to convert larger things into miniatures. I started making them in M-Seal because it is more affordable than polymer clay," said the 32-year-old.

It is time for some pizza!

Giving us a tour of her 'miniature' world, she shows us everything from her little Cinderella shoes to a piano which stands stylish in a compact powder box! Geethanjali sells her work too. "The miniature products available are in the form of keychains, ring holders, fridge magnets, pen stand etc. They can be customised too," said the Business Management graduate.

Her 'little' piano in a 'compact' box

Though she started making her 'little world' exclusively using M-Seal, it comes with its own challenges. But how? "Once mixed, M-Seal dries up in an hour. Hence I have to make sure to complete my work within that time. It is the most enjoyable challenge I would say," she smiles.

If you wish to buy her craft, all you need to do is to ping her on her Instagram handle, littlethings_msealcraft. "The price range starts from 100 rupees. The price of customised products may vary according to work. However, they do not go more than 1000 rupees," she concludes.

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