Kibble no more: Meet Hyderabad's Dr Noor whose company will deliver fresh food for your dogs

It's been ten years since their uncle, dog-loving Dr Nooruddin Bhat, passed away but his nephew continue to carry forward his legacy
To prepare the food, they purchase fresh ingredients every day
To prepare the food, they purchase fresh ingredients every day

We don't need to spell out the benefits of giving your furry, four-legged best friends homemade, freshly cooked food instead of kibble that is loaded with preservatives and chemicals. Back in the 1970s, Dr Noor realised this and being an animal lover, he started an eponymous brand way back then. Dr Nooruddin Bhat, under his brand Dr Noor's, has been supplying homemade dog food to dog lovers in Hyderabad as an alternative to kibble. In 2003, the well-known brand was taken over by his nephews Mohammed Shehreb and Adil Ahmed. And come January 2019, the duo plans to take their uncle's legacy to all new heights. 

Shehreb has always been a dog lover, right from his childhood when he used to pet street dogs without hesitation

When the duo took over Dr Noor’s, they instantly drove up the number of orders to more than 1,000 and brought in a lot more flavours and variations to the old recipes as well. Their factory in Tolichowki, Hyderabad, which occupies about 200 plus square yards, produces the food without any chemicals or preservatives. And now, 36-year-old Shehreb is in the process of launching an app through which orders can be customised. And this app is as simple as they come. "Just give us the age, breed and weight of your dog and we will do the rest," says Shehreb, who is already in talks with developers for this app. 

Before thinking of this app, we have had no option of ordering online

Mohammed Shehreb

Presently, seven delivery executives deliver in Hyderabad and Secunderabad in the mornings, but soon, customers will be able to customise the delivery time as well. "As we have come to understand that many working professionals are available at home only at odd hours, we will try to accommodate these kinds of deliveries as well," says Shehreb. Even if someone wants the food once in a week or a few times a month, that will be made easier through the app. 

And the feedback they've received regarding the food (and it should go without saying), has always been great, informs Shehreb. And how can we verify that? Maybe those customers who have been ordering food for their pets for 15 years now can vouch for them. And with this, though Shehreb and Ahmed have a huge responsibility resting on their shoulders, we'd say that they are doing a great job so far.

To order Dr Noor's dog food, call on +91 86864 80428

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