How 26-year-old Hyderabadi Preneeja Peelukhana went from psychology to poetry

Twenty six-year-old Preneeja Peelukhana wrote about her life in her debut book An Anonymous Soul
Preneeja Peelukhana with her debut book, An Anonymous Soul
Preneeja Peelukhana with her debut book, An Anonymous Soul

Preneeja Peelukhana's life is an open book with several anecdotes that are endearing. Yet, she decided that she needed to pen it down and put together her first book — An Anonymous Soul. Her experiences are distilled into 42 poems and 110 'midnight scribblings' — those beautifully constructed thoughts that occur to us for a flash of a second only to disappear just as fast. And to write these, she did have a lot of life experiences to draw from, for sure.

The book has been published by Educreation Publishing. The book also has a foreword by Nikhil Chandwani who is an author and entrepreneur

This St Francis College For Women graduate, who pursued an MSc in Applied Psychology, has been a trainer at Cherlapally Central Jail, Organisational Psychologist and HR intern at ISRO, NRSC and Vivanta By Taj Begumpet. She has also been a teacher in a CBSE school for classes I, II and III and also as a freelance student and career counsellor. She has counselled around 350 students, some of whom harboured suicidal tendencies. Currently, she is associated with Writers' Rescue Centre, Hyderabad as a Mentor and Head of Management. She is a visiting counselor and life skills trainer at a couple of orphanages, government schools and colleges. But wait, there is more. World Record's India declared her as the youngest psychologist-author. That's a pretty solid résumé for a 26-year-old!

I want to be a trainer and a mentor because I love spending time with students. It makes me feel alive

Preneeja Peelukhana, author

"The common thread of everything I have pursued is that I've tried to be there for others. This gives me true happiness and satisfaction," says the debutante author. Apart from helping others, another thing that makes Peelukhana happy is poetry. She wistfully recalls the days she read John Donne's metaphysical poetry in college. "It really had an impact on me," she says.

Some other poems from Peelukhana's debut book are The Quest Continued, Forgive Me, Our Story of Love, The Transition

Among Peelukhana’s poems in the book, My Memory takes us through the journey of her life, while one of the toughest poems to write was Motherhood. "It just brought back so many memories that I wanted to forget," she says about the poem. And yet, poetry comes to her spontaneously, so much so that she filled about three to four pages of her handy diary while sitting in a café in Jaipur. This book, with 103 pages, is a labour of love for Peelukhana and she hopes that it connects with the hearts of those who read it.

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