Coach Calling: Acing a job interview in the post-pandemic world of layoffs

Follow the RESQ method. R- Research, E - Enthusiasm and Energy, S - Simplicity, Q - Question and Learn
Pic: EdexLive
Pic: EdexLive

Getting a job isn't a piece of cake, especially when it's your first! There's a lot of pressure to perform well in the interview, simply because getting the right job in the right organisation at the beginning of our career plays a very important role in ascending the career ladder going forward. It usually isn't possible to crack the first interview with ease and has become much tougher now, with almost every organisation laying off their workforce. The pandemic changed a lot of rules or norms, some good, some bad. But one effect that is becoming evident today is the process of getting a job has become much tougher than it already was.

Be it an experienced candidate or a fresher (student), the first thing I always emphasise is preperation. It plays a key role in gaining an edge over others and hence, this week I give you some advanced tips to help you stand out and succeed in a job interview in the post-pandemic world.

The first TIP: Remember Who Needs Whom
I'm not undermining you or your potential but before you start your first job, you need to be able to prove that you're an asset rather than a liability and the best way to do this is to first develop humility and leave your egotism at the door when you go in for an interview. You might be lucky to have already been blessed with a comfortable life, but do not let that make you feel that it's okay if you don't get a job. I've seen many candidates have a "Meh, it's okay, I didn't need this anyways" attitude which makes them suffer beyond imagination in the future.

Go with the boss mindset :
I definitely am not asking you to act like one, but asking you to empathise and prepare so well that you should be able to imagine yourself on the other side and be able to analyse the expectations of the organisation. The rest is easy, you need to prepare, upskill or reskill to match those criteria.

R E S Q Method :
This is one of my own mnemonic which sounds like RESCUE because it actually will save you in your interview.

R - Research, Search and Research again 
Give ample time to researching the organisation, its culture, its humble beginnings, how it was able to grow, its products and/or services and so on. Anybody sitting on the other side will be able to understand that you were, in fact, serious about this job and aren't there to waste the time of the interviewers. Not only that, it also exhibits your interest and effort which again reflects on your attitude... which is one most important and major markers that one looks for in a candidate.

E - Enthusiasm and Energy
Not to be mistaken for eagerness which, in most cases, makes you interrupt the other person during an interview. That's a strict no-no! Be enthusiastic in your approach and show that you're eager to learn. Exhibit the energy and excitement by trying to portray how much value you'll add to the organisation and how much you really want this job.

S - Simplicity
I use this to emphasise the humility aspect and about keeping it simple. By simple, I urge you to not overcomplicate your thought process. If you don't know something, say so. If you're not comfortable with the language, say so and promise that you'll work on your fluency. If you're feeling too nervous, be vocal about it and take a moment to realign yourself. You're going to a job Interview, not facing a firing squad. So chill!

Q - Question and Learn
One major myth that exists is that a candidate isn't allowed to ask questions. Whether you feel that you've aced the interview or not, make it a point to ask questions about your performance and elicit feedback. Ask for those areas that you should improve and so on. This is a ninja tip to also exhibit your communication skills.

Last but not least KISS:
Before you let your imagination go wild, let me be clear. KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple. Remember that HRs are hard-pressed for time and don't talk more than required. Keep your answers short, concise and to the point, to a level wherein they feel the need to probe further.

My columns have always been about focusing on those aspects that you generally don't get to hear about. I do my best to give you unique and advanced tips, but that doesn't mean that you ignore the rest. Be on time, be presentable, groom yourself, plan ahead and all the very best for your future endeavours.

Wishing you the best,
Adarsh Benakappa Basavaraj
"Your Coach"

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