E-Canteen Fundas: How to be the 'enthu cutlet' of any team and how it pays off 

Enthusiasm is one of your most precious assets. Double your enthusiasm and you will double your income and happiness. Enthusiasm can be cultivated
Read and be enthused | (Pic: EdexLive)
Read and be enthused | (Pic: EdexLive)

‘I do like our Principal Mr Gupta,’ said Rinku. ‘But the one thing I don’t like is that he’s so dull and serious.’

‘True,’ said Rahul. ‘He is efficient and all that, but everything seems like a big burden with him leading the effort. Something’s missing in his leadership style. What’s it, bhaiyya?’

‘Enthusiasm, my friend,’ smiled Rakesh brightly, banging his fist on the table. ‘According to John Adair, the author of Confucius on Leadership, some of the important qualities of a leader include enthusiasm, integrity, being tough yet fair, warmth and humility. Your principal seems to be suffering from a serious lack of enthusiasm.’

‘What do you mean, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku. ‘He’s got a job and it must be done, that’s all. Right? Why add enthusiasm and all that to it.’

‘Rinku,’ said Rakesh. ‘Listen carefully — the secret ingredient to an interesting life is enthusiasm. You can do the same job or live the same life with enthusiasm and interest and enjoy the process. Enthusiasm is the ingredient that attracts people to you, lends you charisma. All great leaders infuse their work with enthusiasm, passion and energy. They are fun to follow, to share the journey with, however difficult, unlike some who’re serious and not enthusiastic about their work. Enthusiastic people achieve a lot more and happily so. They also adapt faster to changing situations, are more accepting of mistakes and open to others' participation. Now, who would you like to work with? Enthusiastic people or dull and serious types?’

‘Enthusiastic people any day,’ said Rahul. ‘Not people with long faces. They drain my energy.’

‘But how can anyone become enthusiastic overnight?’ asked Rinku. ‘Isn’t being enthusiastic a personality trait?’

‘Not really,’ said Rakesh. ‘One can cultivate enthusiasm like any other trait. You can build your enthusiasm muscle by working on it. I read about the magic of enthusiasm in Frank Bettger’s book How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling. As a youngster, Frank was upset when he was told he lacked enthusiasm and was fired from his job. So, he forced himself to act like the most enthusiastic person around in his next job even though he felt very foolish. He found that he could, 1) Overcome his fear with his enthusiasm, 2) His enthusiasm seeped into others, and 3) He began feeling much better about himself. As a happy side effect, his income went up by six times! Frank’s mantra, which is valid even now is this — to be enthusiastic, force yourself to act enthusiastic. Enthusiasm, he says, is the highest-paid quality on earth. It is rare and contagious. And finally, he concludes — if you double your enthusiasm, you could double your income and happiness. Would you want to?’

‘Whoa, absolutely,’ said Rahul. ‘Makes sense. You have been talking about energy management and this is a clear case of that. So, you’re saying we should just choose to be the most enthusiastic person around and be that right?’

‘Yes,’ said Rakesh. ‘Just remind yourself every time your energy wavers. Force yourself to double your enthusiasm, even if it makes you feel stupid. Don’t let anyone take away your most precious asset, your enthusiasm. With some practice, it will become second nature very soon and you will see the happy side effects like increasing income, increasing happiness and well being. You’ll be happy and so will those around you.’

‘Hmm, now I see how important it is for leaders to be enthusiastic and joyful about what they do,’ said Rinku. ‘And not be serious like a headmaster ready to judge and punish everyone. In fact, I think we become good leaders if we are more enthusiastic.’

‘True,’ said Rakesh. ‘There is a quote by Confucius which says ‘To be fond of something is better than merely knowing it, and to find joy in it is better than to be fond of it.’ Being enthusiastic and joyful is being wholehearted, about doing things with complete commitment, without any doubt, with optimism. A good leader never gives up and never shows when she is tired. Adair quotes, ‘In your daily routine do not show weariness and where there is action to be taken of, give your best.’

‘Yes, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘I realise that when we do things enthusiastically it indicates that we’ve committed ourselves fully to that work. Lack of enthusiasm shows our lack of commitment which shows in results. I will now infuse all my work with complete enthusiasm and hope.’

‘And that will make work interesting for us and for others too,’ said Rinku with complete enthusiasm. ‘Woohoo! We’re doing the most interesting work in the world people!’

‘Incredible,’ said Rakesh. ‘You’ve both doubled your enthusiasm even as we speak. So be the most enthusiastic people around, encourage and infect others with your enthusiasm and most importantly, do not let anyone rob you of your enthusiasm. Remember, it’s your most precious asset.’

Pro Tip: Enthusiasm is one of your most precious assets. Double your enthusiasm and you will double your income and happiness. Enthusiasm can be cultivated — force yourself to be the most enthusiastic person and you’ll see results immediately. As a leader, be enthusiastic, because enthusiastic leaders make work interesting, attract others to do the work wholeheartedly and thereby, get good results.

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