E-Canteen Fundas: This is how you should let passion be the fuel that drives your life

Take the Passion Test to see how you’d like to live your ideal life. Identify your top 5 passions and use the mantra Intention, Attention and No Tension
Be passionate | (Pic: EdexLive)
Be passionate | (Pic: EdexLive)

‘I wonder if it’s possible to live a life doing what we like doing?’ asked Rinku. ‘That would be fun.’

‘Nope,’ said Rahul. ‘We can’t do what we like, Rinku. We have to like what we do. No option.’

‘But I don’t want to be doing something I don’t like for a living,’ said Rinku. ‘I’d rather do something I’m fully involved in, something that’s enjoyable, that helps me grow to my potential.’

‘That won’t earn you a good living,’ said Rahul. ‘Right, bhaiyya? You’ll have to sacrifice comfort. I’d like to play games and live a great life, but that’s not possible, right?’

‘Why not?’ asked Rakesh. ‘I read this book called The Passion Test written by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood which says that living our passions is the key to a happy, fulfilled, fun and prosperous life. And as we know, there are people making a great living while playing games and having fun.’

‘True,’ said Rahul. ‘But how? What is ‘living our passions’?’

‘Our passions are what we love doing the most,’ said Rakesh. ‘What are most important and critical to our well-being. We’re all unique people with unique gifts. But instead of using our gifts and being at our best, we choose to live a lesser life. Here’s something interesting. A survey of the most successful and prosperous people revealed that all of them had one thing in common — they had all fulfilled the top five things in their ‘things-to-be-doing-when-I-am-living-my-ideal-life’ list. They all knew clearly what their ideal life looked like and in the process of living it, found happiness, prosperity and fulfillment. So, do you know what your passions are?’

‘I think so,’ said Rinku. ‘But I’m not sure if they are my passions or my fantasies.’

‘Don’t discount your passions like that,’ laughed Rakesh. ‘I suggest we do the Passion Test to get clarity on what we want.’

‘Sounds like fun,’ said Rahul. ‘Let’s do it, bhaiyya.’

‘Before we start the Passion Test I’d like you to remember the Passion Test mantra,’ said Rakesh. ‘It is Intention-Attention — No Tension. First set an Intention — and consciously state what we’re choosing to create. Then, give what we have chosen Attention — so it grows bigger and stronger in our life. And thirdly, do it with No Tension — anything we hold on to too tightly eludes us, so be open and easy during the process.’

‘Got it,’ said Rinku smiling. ‘Intention, Attention and No Tension.’

‘Good,’ said Rakesh. ‘Now, let’s do the Passion Test and set our Intention on the life we want to create — which means we identify our top 5 passions. Take a pen and paper and list down 10-15 things you would be doing when your life is ideal. Write ‘When my life is ideal, I am…’ for each of the things you’re passionate about living. For example, ‘When my life is ideal I’m playing cricket for India’ or ‘When my life is ideal I am living close to nature’. Write it like you are living it — like a verb. Like it's happening right now.’

‘But, bhaiyya,’ asked Rahul. ‘That’s a bit too much, right? Maybe we should go for simpler passions?’

‘No, Rahul,’ said Rakesh. ‘We’re looking at creating our ideal life. So, don’t worry about the How. Just get clear about the What. Don’t get in the way, don’t play safe. Don’t settle for less. Go for a passionate, ideal life. Once we’re clear about What, we’ll find the How.’

‘Okay, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘What next?”

‘Now, from your list of 10-15 passions, identify the top 5,’ said Rakesh. ‘To do that, start by comparing 1 and 2 and choose the one you want. Your first instinct is the most accurate. Then, take the one you chose and compare it with item 3 and choose between them again. Once again, take the one you chose and compare it with item 4. Run through your list of 15 in this way until what remains is your number one passion. Write that down as Passion number 1.’

‘Hmm,’ said Rinku. ‘And then?’

‘Exclude your first passion from the list and start the process all over again from the top,’ said Rakesh. ‘Compare each one with the next. Do it even if you had chosen differently between the two the first time. Once you run through your entire list you will end up with your Passion number 2. Eliminate your first two passions, and start at the top again and run through the list for your third passion. Be honest. Go with your instinct and I promise you’ll be surprised at your top 5 passions.’

‘Yes, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘I never thought I’d choose quality family time over chilling with friends as one of my top 5 passions when living my ideal life.’

‘See,’ said Rakesh. ‘Okay, now you have clarity on how your passionate life looks. Next, give attention to your intentions to make them stronger. One idea is to make Passion Cards with your top 5 passions written on them and stick them in places where you can see them through the day — your bathroom mirror, your computer, fridge, or car dashboard. They’ll remind you to live your ideal life, your passionate life. And to do it without tension.’

‘But, bhaiyya,’ asked Rahul. ‘What if I don’t get what I want? I’ll be tense right?’

‘Rahul,’ said Rakesh. ‘Passions are not goals. Passions are about How to live your life while goals are things you choose to create in your life. Passions are the process, the way you’ve chosen to live your life while goals are outcomes. Goals can stress you out, but living a passionate life makes life fun, fulfilling, rewarding and exciting.’ 

‘This is amazing,’ said Rinku. ‘I love my top 5 passions and the funda of Intention, Attention and No Tension will help me live a passionate life. Thanks, bhaiyya.’

Pro Tip: Take the Passion Test to see how you’d like to live your ideal life. Identify your top 5 passions and use the mantra Intention, Attention and No Tension to enjoy living a passionate life. For more info visit www.passiontest.com.

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